McDermott awarded transportation and installation contract by PRIO

Witness the remarkable fusion of art and engineering as McDermott, a leader in offshore installation expertise, secures a transportation and installation contract for the Wahoo field. Join me on a journey through the immersive world of installation art, as we explore the transformative power of McDermott's state-of-the-art pipelines and structures that will connect the Wahoo field to the Frade floating production storage and offloading unit in Brazil's Campos basin.

Transformative Power Unleashed: McDermott Secures Transportation and Installation Contract

Discover the profound impact of combining art with engineering as McDermott sets a new benchmark in the offshore installation landscape.

Dive into a world where art and engineering collide, as McDermott pioneers a transportation and installation contract securing the Wahoo field's connection to the Frade floating production storage and offloading unit.

With decades of expertise in offshore installations, McDermott's commitment to exploration and innovation has revolutionized the industry. Delve into the intricate details of this landmark contract, showcasing the company's unmatched capabilities and dedication to delivering visionary subsea solutions.

Efficiency and Expertise: Overcoming Distance with Coated Pipelines

Uncover the smart infrastructure and materials used by McDermott to effectively connect the Wahoo field to the floating production storage and offloading unit.

Maintaining top-quality infrastructure over long distances poses challenges, but McDermott ingeniously deploys 10-inch rigid pipelines coated with cutting-edge materials. These pipelines effortlessly span the expanse between the Wahoo field and the Frade floating production storage and offloading unit, enabling seamless connectivity even in environmentally demanding conditions.

Superior Coating for Enhanced Resistance

To withstand the harshest offshore weather elements, the pipelines benefit from a state-of-the-art coating that guarantees extended reliability throughout their lifecycle. Built to resist corrosion and deterioration, this coating ensures long-lasting performance, safeguarding the integrity of the undersea network.

Collaborative Approach: Bridging Art and Engineering

Discover the significance of collaborative efforts as McDermott teams seamlessly merge artistic vision and engineering precision.

No venture is successful without a unified purpose and diverse skills. Experience firsthand how McDermott brings together its Rio de Janeiro-based team, project management expertise, and advanced engineering to flawlessly execute this complex undertaking.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

In an era focused on global sustainability, McDermott maintains a steadfast dedication to protecting the environment. Engulfing technologically advanced fabrication methods with sound environmental practices, the company showcases its pledge to ecological stewardship, leaving a minimal footprint beneath the surface of the ocean.

World of Possibilities: Unlocking the Wahoo Field's Potential

Embark on a journey through the captivating Wahoo field, unearthing the immense opportunities it holds for offshore energy production.

The Wahoo field's vibrant allure lies in its tremendous potential for energy production, capable of enhancing Brazil's oil and gas landscape. Sitting north of the thriving Frade field, this subsea marvel houses precious resources that can be channeled to propel the nation forward, powering homes and fueling its economy for years to come.

Enhancing Energy Security

In the face of growing energy demand, the development of the Wahoo field paves the way for Brazil to fortify its energy security. Unlocking its vast reserves will reduce dependency on imports while bolstering domestic production, bringing stability and resilience to the country's energy ecosystem.


The transportation and installation contract secured by McDermott for the Wahoo field is a testament to the transformative power of art, engineering, and collaboration. Through their unparalleled expertise and advanced infrastructure, McDermott demonstrates the immense potential for offshore energy production in Brazil's Campos basin. This project not only enhances energy security and economic growth but also establishes a legacy of sustainable and responsible practices. McDermott's innovative approach inspires us to envision new possibilities where art and engineering converge to shape the future of offshore installations.


Q: How will the transportation and installation contract benefit Brazil's energy industry?

A: The transportation and installation contract will connect the Wahoo field to the Frade floating production storage and offloading unit, unlocking the considerable potential of the Wahoo field for offshore energy production. This development contributes to strengthening energy security, reducing import dependency, and bolstering Brazil's domestic production capabilities.

Q: What sets McDermott apart in the offshore installation landscape?

A: McDermott distinguishes itself with its collaborative approach that seamlessly merges art and engineering. Through its skilled teams, project management expertise, and commitment to sustainability, McDermott leads the way in delivering visionary subsea solutions. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure, coated pipelines, and proven track record ensure reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious installations.

Q: How does McDermott prioritize environmental sustainability during offshore installations?

A: McDermott places a paramount emphasis on environmental sustainability. By incorporating advanced fabrication methods and environmentally sound practices, they keep ecological impact to a minimum. McDermott is committed to leaving a minimal footprint, safeguarding sensitive marine ecosystems while harnessing the offshore energy potential of locations such as the Wahoo field.

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