Sculptor Kelly Akashi Joins Lisson, Departing Her Longtime LA Gallery

Welcome to the captivating world of artist Kelly Akashi's sculptures and artwork. Renowned for her mysterious creations that combine hands and biological elements, Akashi has recently joined Lisson Gallery. With a focus on the intersection of art and nature, her work encourages us to broaden our perspectives and consider our place within the larger ecosystem. Explore her thought-provoking pieces as she prepares to showcase them at the prestigious Paris+ art fair and continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Exploring the Artistic Vision of Kelly Akashi

Delve into the unique perspective and creative vision of artist Kelly Akashi.

Kelly Akashi is known for her thought-provoking sculptures and captivating artwork that seamlessly blend elements of the human form and the natural world.

Through her creations, she challenges us to reconsider our place in the broader ecosystem and encourages viewers to see things from a broader perspective beyond typical human-centric viewpoints.

Her artistry demonstrates a remarkable ability to intertwine materiality, craft, and concept, pushing the boundaries of what sculpture can be and engaging audiences on both an intellectual and emotional level.

The Significance of Hands and Biological Material in Akashi's Art

Discover the symbolic meaning and powerful metaphor behind the hands and biological material in Kelly Akashi's art.

Within Kelly Akashi's artwork, the representation of hands holds significant symbolic value. They serve as a universal form of connection, exploring themes of touch, labour, and humanity's relationship to the earth.

The Interplay of Fragility and Power

Through delicate and intricate compositions, the interplay between fragility and power can be observed. The juxtaposition of natural elements such as branches and biota with human hands showcases both vulnerability and strength.

Fostering a Conversation on Nature and the Human Experience

Akashi's choice to incorporate biological materials evokes a sense of organic growth and transformation, prompting a dialogue on our coexistence with nature and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Influence of Scientific Inquiry in Akashi's Art

Explore the influence of scientific inquiries in Kelly Akashi's artistic practice.

Kelly Akashi often integrates scientific principles and inquiries into her artistic practice.

An Invitation to Explore Nature's Secrets

Through her work, she invites viewers to expand their understanding of the natural world and consider the intricate systems and processes that underpin it.

Intersection of Art, Science, and Perceptions

Akashi's sculptures and photography bridge the gap between art and science, highlighting the intertwined relationship between scientific inquiry, human perception, and artistic creation.

Kelly Akashi's Distinctive Approach to Materiality and Craft

Discover the unique approach that defines Kelly Akashi's work in terms of materials and craft.

Akashi's artworks showcase meticulous attention to materiality and craft, emphasizing the importance of process and skilled artistry.

Exploration of Dichotomies

Her thoughtful selection and manipulation of materials invoke a sense of dichotomies, such as fragility versus durability, and organic versus manmade.

Relating to Art Historical References

Akashi's exploration of contrasting materials and the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques pay homage to art historical references while pushing the boundaries of sculpture as a medium.

Kelly Akashi's Impact on the LA Art Scene

Uncover the significant influence of Kelly Akashi's work on the vibrant Los Angeles art scene.

Kelly Akashi has become a pillar of the LA art ecosystem, captivating audiences with her distinctive sculptures and captivating imagery.

Expanding Perspectives in the Arts

Her exploration of broader, non-human-centric perspectives challenges the status quo and enriches the local art scene with fresh perspectives.

Ambassador of the Natural World

Akashi's ability to capture the intersection of art and nature has attracted critical acclaim and elevated her as a vital artist representing the essence of the natural world within the bustling urban context of Los Angeles.


Kelly Akashi's artistic practice brings together the realms of art and nature, exploring the intersection between humanity and the natural world. Through her thought-provoking sculptures and photography, she challenges viewers to consider our place within the broader ecosystem and invites us to see things from a more expansive perspective.

Akashi's unique approach to materiality and craft, influenced by scientific inquiries, infuses her work with depth and meaning. Her sculptures, often featuring intertwined human hands and organic elements, symbolize the fragility and power within nature and highlight our interconnectedness with the environment.

As a vital artist on the LA art scene, Akashi continues to make a significant impact, expanding perspectives and enriching the local artistic landscape. Her work engages audiences intellectually and emotionally, provoking meaningful conversations about our relationship with nature and the ever-evolving role of art.


What inspires Kelly Akashi's artistic practice?

Kelly Akashi draws inspiration from the relationship between humanity and nature. Her art explores scientific inquiries and invites viewers to see things from a broader, less human-centric perspective.

What role does materiality play in Akashi's work?

Materiality is integral to Kelly Akashi's artistic practice. She meticulously selects and manipulates materials, evoking dichotomies and highlighting the interplay between fragility and durability, as well as the convergence of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques.

How does Kelly Akashi challenge artistic boundaries?

Kelly Akashi pushes the boundaries of sculpture as a medium by blending the human form with organic elements, prompting viewers to explore deeper connections to nature. Her work challenges traditional perspectives and enriches the art world with thought-provoking inquiries into the relationship between humans and the natural world.

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