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Step into the world of Jasmine Golphin, a visionary artist whose passion for filmmaking and visual creativity knows no bounds. In this article, we delve into Jasmine's trajectory as an artist and highlight her innovative work that pushes the boundaries of traditional art forms. From her early beginnings to her current role as the associate artistic director at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, immerse yourself in Jasmine's multidimensional artistry and her relentless pursuit of artistic innovation.

Jasmine's Artistic Journey

Trace Jasmine's path from a childhood dream to becoming a dynamic artist and filmmaker.

Jasmine Golphin's artistic journey was ignited at a young age, rooted in her innate desire to become a filmmaker. Starting at Cleveland State University's film program, she laid the foundation for her career and discovered her passion for collaboration and storytelling beyond just filmmaking. Her determination and intuition led her to variety of art forms, including music, performance, and photography, constantly expanding the boundaries of her creativity.

Despite the challenges along her journey, Jasmine has never deviated from her dream of being an innovative artist and visual storyteller. She bravely harnesses the power of various mediums to craft a unique artistic voice that resonates with audiences, provoking thought and emotion. With a tenacious spirit, Jasmine's reputation as an artist continues to soar, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant Cleveland art scene and inspiring future generations.

Unleashing Creativity Through Performance

Explore Jasmine's breakthrough moment when she discovered new avenues of self-expression beyond filmmaking.

In a serendipitous turning point, Jasmine found herself part of a multimedia performance at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts. Collaborating with musicians and dancers, she realized the tremendous potential of performance art as an innovative storytelling medium. Her experimental and visually striking performance examined themes of surveillance and societal reflection, leaving an awe-inspiring impact on the audience.

Jasmine's exploration of performance art opened new windows of creativity, emphasizing the power of immersive experiences and visual narratives. Her fearlessness in embracing unconventional forms of expression solidified her position as an artist who actively pushes creative boundaries and challenges conventional norms. As the art world evolves, Jasmine continues to break new ground and captivate both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

Cleveland's Artistic Potential

Discover Jasmine's insight into Cleveland's thriving arts community and the importance of nurturing independent artists.

Jasmine passionately believes that Cleveland has incredible potential as an innovative and artistic city. She recognizes the tremendous impact that art has on revitalizing communities, steering away from purely commercial endeavors. Jasmine basks in the creative spirit that emanates from various art institutions and fearless independent artists carving their path.

While established art organizations play a crucial role, Jasmine stresses the importance of providing direct support and funding for artistic experimentation. It is this willingness to embrace and celebrate bold ideas that paves the way for truly transformative art experiences. On her journey, she continues to advocate for a thriving arts scene that celebrates diversity and brings art closer to the community.

An Artist's Insight: Jasmine's Vision for the Future

Join Jasmine in envisioning the future of art and her aspirations as a groundbreaking artist.

Jasmine envisions a Cleveland filled with thriving art shows and installations, where creativity runs rampant and new voices are amplified. She dreams of a city that not only cherishes and supports traditional art forms but also embraces experimentation and innovation across various disciplines.

Empowering the next generation, Jasmine aims to inspire young artists, particularly aspiring Black creatives, to explore the multitude of art possibilities and find their place within the dynamic Cleveland arts community. By fostering collaboration, pushing boundaries, and championing fresh voices, Jasmine Golphin weaves her unique brilliance into the fabric of Cleveland's artistic landscape, truly cementing herself as a transformative force in the city's rich arts culture.


Jasmine Golphin's artistic journey and relentless pursuit of innovation have established her as a true trailblazer in the Cleveland art scene. From her beginnings as a filmmaker to her exploration of performance art and fearless experimentation with various mediums, Jasmine's vibrant and boundary-pushing artistry captivates audiences and invites them into a world of imagination and introspection.

As Cleveland continues to evolve as a haven for artistic expression, Jasmine envisions a future where the city becomes synonymous with innovative art experiences. Her passion for supporting emerging voices and artistic experimentation fuels her drive to reshape Cleveland's arts landscape, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and the power of storytelling in all its forms.


Why is collaboration important to Jasmine?

Jasmine recognizes the power of collaboration as a catalyst for creativity. It allows her to join forces with musicians, dancers, and fellow artists to create multidimensional and immersive art experiences that transcend individual mediums and break new ground in storytelling.

What is Jasmine's goal for the future?

Jasmine aims to inspire aspiring artists, particularly young Black creatives, to push the boundaries of their art and explore the innate possibilities within the art world. By fostering an environment that celebrates experimentation and nurturing emerging talent, Jasmine hopes to leave a lasting impact not only on Cleveland's arts community but also on the art world at large.

How does Jasmine envision the role of art in Cleveland's revitalization?

With unwavering belief, Jasmine sees art as a driving force in Cleveland's revitalization efforts. She advocates for investing in artistic experimentation, enabling artists from diverse backgrounds to thrive and empowering the arts to play a vital role in shaping the cultural landscape of the city.

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