Discover Belonging in STEAM: An Exhibition of Captivating Photography

The NIU School of Art and Design presents an exhilarating photographic exhibition that delves into the transformative qualities of art in the realm of science. Step into the world of CREATE & DISCOVER Belonging in STEAM, a captivating collection that celebrates representation and belonging within the bounds of STEAM fields.

The Power of Representation

Explore the transformative potential of representation in society and the field of STEAM. Delve into the captivating world of portraiture and its capacity to create belonging.

Photography has the unique ability to capture the essence of individuals and communicate their stories in a single image. In the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), the power of representation is crucial to creating a sense of belonging. By highlighting the achievements and experiences of those historically excluded from STEAM fields, photography has the potential to break barriers and motivate future generations.

Through captivating portraiture, the photographic exhibition CREATE &DISCOVER Belonging in STEAM aims to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences. Each photograph tells a story, capturing the dedication and passion of individuals who have found success in STEAM fields. These powerful images offer a glimpse into the diverse and multifaceted world of scientific exploration and creative thinking.

Diving into the Artistic Process

Uncover the process behind the creation of the compelling portraits featured in the exhibition. Gain insights into the photographers' commitment to authenticity and ethical representation.

Creating powerful portraits is not a simple task. It requires getting to know each individual on a personal level, understanding their experiences, and respectfully representing their work. The photographers behind Belonging in STEAM understand the need for authentic representation, and they have dedicated themselves to capturing the heart of each participant's journey in a technical, visually appealing manner.

From chemistry to biology to kinesiology and beyond, the photographers immersed themselves in the fields of the participants. By visiting their labs and classrooms, they gained a deeper understanding of the individuals and their contributions to the world of STEAM. This collaborative process allowed the artists to go beyond surface level representations and create meaningful connections through their art.

Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

Discover the collaborative nature of the exhibition, involving members of the Barb City STEAM Team. Witness the potential for young minds to ignite their passion for STEAM through photography.

The future of STEAM lies in the hands of the next generation, and nurturing their potential is key to progress. The exhibition CREATE & DISCOVER Belonging in STEAM actively involves the Barb City STEAM Team, providing them with firsthand experience in the world of photography and lighting techniques.

From collaborative still life projects to experimenting with light modifiers in the School of Art and Design lighting studio, the young participants had the opportunity to explore their creativity and expand their perspectives. By empowering these young minds, the exhibition promotes a future where diverse voices are valued and included in the field of STEAM.

Elevating Science through Artistic Lens

Witness the marriage of art and science through the exhibition's captivating environmental portraits and colorful light compositions. Immerse yourself in the technical skills that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the photographs.

Belonging in STEAM showcases the awe-inspiring artistic vision of the photographers, capturing the beauty of scientific exploration. Environmental portraits illuminated with dramatic light showcase the dedication and passion of individuals shaping their respective fields of study. The mesmerizing light compositions and thoughtful attention to detail elevate the photographs, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of art and science.

By skillfully incorporating different photographic techniques, such as lighting and composition, the artists have created visuals that not only capture the essence of their subjects but also offer a visually appealing experience for viewers. Through their art, they shed light on the visual possibilities within the field of science and guide us towards a deeper understanding of the individuals shaping our world.


The CREATE & DISCOVER Belonging in STEAM exhibition is an extraordinary celebration of the empowering influence of representation within the world of science. Through the lens of photography, this captivating collection highlights the achievements of individuals who have historically been excluded from STEAM fields, demonstrating the transformative power of authentic and diverse representation.

Each portrait in the exhibition tells a unique story, showcasing the dedication and passion of individuals who have found success in the realms of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. By breaking down barriers and creating a sense of belonging, these photographs inspire future generations to imagine themselves as part of the ever-evolving landscape of STEAM.

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