Discover the Best Books on Paula Rego: A Journey Through Art and Reflection

Embark on a journey through the captivating artistry of Paula Rego with a collection of carefully selected books. Uncover the transformation of Rego's style and gain profound insight into her artistic journey. From comprehensive overviews to intimate examinations of her creative process, these books provide a bridge between the artist and her admirers.

Paula Rego: A Comprehensive Introduction

Delve into the life and artistic journey of Paula Rego through the lens of her comprehensive monograph.

Explore the transformative nature of Paula Rego's artistry with her comprehensive monograph. Published in 2021 and edited by John McEwen, this book serves as an exceptional introduction to her body of work. With captivating visuals and in-depth analysis, Rego's profound and evolving style comes to life. From her early periods to her later, more expressionistic pieces, this monograph sheds light on Rego's maturing personality and changing world.

Each page unfolds new layers of meaning as readers immerse themselves in Rego's vibrant and thought-provoking artwork. Acting as a connective overview, this monograph seamlessly combines strong input from Paula herself, extensive research, and meticulous picture analysis.

Understanding Rego's Artistry Through Insightful Curator's Perspective

Gain a deeper understanding of Paula Rego's art through a curated retrospective at Tate Liverpool.

Journey into Paula Rego's art with Fiona Bradley, the acclaimed curator who orchestrated Paula's retrospective at Tate Liverpool. Inspired by their close connection, Bradley captures Rego's extraordinary talent and the essence of her work like no other.

In her book, Bradley provides readers with unique insights into how and why Rego's captivating and evocative masterpieces are crafted. By immersing themselves into the atmosphere of the retrospective, readers will acquire a profound understanding of Rego's creative process and the emotions that course through her paintings.

The Muse Behind the Masterpieces: Discover Paula Rego's Studio

Uncover the profound role of Paula Rego's studio as the sanctuary where her creativity thrived.

Immerse yourself in the sacred space of Paula Rego's studio, a melting pot of artistic expression and individuality. Despite her humble description as a playroom, Rego's studio holds the key to uncovering the depths of her creativity and guiding her artistic journey.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Innermost Depths of Rego's Studio

In his book, John McEwen presents readers with an exclusive tour into the world of Rego's studio through brilliant photographs by Gautier Deblonde. McEwen perfectly captures the symbiotic relationship between Rego and her artistic surrounding, shedding light on how her studio empowered her to fearlessly create.

The Intimate World of Printmaking: Paula Rego's Print Masterpieces

Delve into Paula Rego's printmaking process, a significant and beloved component of her body of work.

Uncover the mesmerizing realm of Paula Rego's printmaking, an incredibly important aspect of her artistic journey. From her early adolescent experiments with small copper plates to her exploration of the print rooms at the Slade School of Art, Rego found solace and unabashed creativity in this medium.

The Complete Graphic Work: A Testament to Rego's Printmaking Legacy

Tom Rosenthal curates Rego's remarkable graphic work in this beautifully crafted book. With care and sensitivity, Rosenthal takes readers on a visual journey through Rego's printmaking evolution. This second edition, featuring a vibrant yellow spine, elevates the art book to a collectible treasure.

A Dazzling Exploration: Paula Rego's Tate Britain Retrospective

Embark on an immersive exploration of Paula Rego's breathtaking artwork through the lens of a remarkable exhibition catalogue.

Journey Through the Artist's Laureates:An Exceptional Exhibition Catalogue

Elena Crippa brings forth an exceptionally beautiful exhibition catalogue inspired by the Paula Rego Tate Britain retrospective. Born out of years of dedicated research and countless hours spent alongside the artist herself, Crippa's catalogue delves deep into the heart of Rego's artistry.

With dazzling essays by Crippa, Giulia Smith, and Marina Warner, readers are transported into the captivating world of Rego's art. The catalogue serves as a gateway to unlocking the profound narratives buried within each of her masterpieces, posing captivating questions and opening doors to interpretations that will leave viewers in awe.


Exploring the selected books about Paula Rego allows us to delve into the intricate world of this prominent artist. Whether discovering the transformative nature of her art in comprehensive monographs or gaining deeper insight through the perspective of curators and scholars, these books provide a gateway to comprehend Rego's remarkable journey.

By stepping into her studio and understanding her printmaking process, readers can truly grasp the essence of Rego's creativity. And, finally, through the lens of a Tate Britain retrospective and its accompanying catalogue, viewers are transported into the breathtaking narratives that encapsulate Rego's masterpieces.

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