EPI Group’s Luxury Resurgence: Residence Eisenhower Beckons In Reims

Welcome to the dazzling world of installation art in Reims! Today, we dive into the captivating journey of RISE by Arnaud Lapierre, a breathtaking 5-meter solar disc that graces the heart of the city. Join me as we explore the transformative power of this mesmerizing art installation, learn about its prestigious backstory, and uncover the exciting potential it brings to Reims' tourism landscape.

The Captivating Story behind RISE

Uncover the intriguing narrative behind the creation of RISE and its association with the prestigious EPI Group.

Step into the captivating world of RISE, the awe-inspiring installation that adorns Reims with its golden glow. This mesmerizing masterpiece was commissioned by Rare Champagne and artistically brought to life by the talented Arnaud Lapierre. Discover the vision and inspiration behind the artwork as it dazzles with its resemblance to Champagne bubbles and the autumn sun.

The story of RISE goes beyond artistry, intertwining with the history of the legendary EPI Group. As they acquired the entire Mignot Hotel, a magnificent sandstone building, they saw an opportunity to revive its grandeur. The restoration of the Residence Eisenhower, named after General Eisenhower who resided there, is a testament to the commitment of EPI Group in transforming and enhancing the city of Reims.

Dive into the world of RISE and uncover the symbolic significance it holds, bringing together art, luxury, and a thriving Champagne industry.

Unlocking Reims' Tourism Potential

Discover the untapped tourism possibilities of Reims and the role installation art plays in attracting visitors.

With its rich cultural heritage and status as the Champagne capital, Reims has the potential to become one of the top tourism destinations. Examine the barriers that once held the city back and witness the signs of change emerging.

Championing Wine Tourism with Art and Refined Experiences

Lack of accommodation options and limited experiences created a void in Reims' tourism ecosystem. However, with the rise of the Residence Eisenhower and RISE, the tide is turning. EPI Group's investment in prestigious accommodations and exquisite event venues sets the stage for unforgettable experiences.

By merging the captivating world of installation art with the allure of Champagne and luxurious hospitality, Reims invites passionate wine enthusiasts to indulge in everything the region has to offer. Picture yourself immersed in classical concerts, exploring a tapestry of Champagne houses, and savoring top-notch gastronomy at refined wine bars and restaurants. Reims is becoming a mecca for art and wine lovers alike, and you won't want to miss this enchanting journey.

Fostering Champagne Discovery and Appreciation

Unveil the initiatives taking place to showcase the diversity and richness of Champagne

The Champagne region holds much more depth and complexity than meets the eye. As the significance of tourism in Reims becomes evident, the spotlight extends to the wide array of Champagne producers, brands, and terroirs waiting to be discovered.

Embark on a journey of education and excitement as Reims puts forth new initiatives aimed at unraveling the captivating narrative of Champagne. The EPI Group recognizes that visibility is the key to connections with Champagne enthusiasts.

Unraveling the Champagne Tapestry: Consumer Experiences

Inspired by wine tourism destinations worldwide, Reims embraces the potential of offering immersive experiences. Explore vineyards steeped in tradition, delve into the cellars where Champagne matures to perfection, and engage with passionate winemakers through intimate tastings. This is an invitation to unlock the full potential of Champagne's distinctive flavors and terroirs, immersing yourself in a sensory journey like no other.

Empowering private collectors further magnifies Champagne's cultural impact. EPI Group understands that fostering genuine connections with consumers goes beyond exquisite bottles. The Residence Eisenhower is set to host exclusive events, turning the spotlight on Reims and collaborating with other Champagne houses and artists. Reims is truly on a lively trajectory, stimulating wine tourism opportunities that will benefit the region socially and economically.


Reims has emerged as a captivating destination where art, luxury, and the effervescence of Champagne unite. Through the vision of Rare Champagne, the talent of Arnaud Lapierre, and the commitment of EPI Group, an artistic revolution unfolds, captivating visitors with breathtaking installations like RISE.

As Reims unlocks its tourism potential, the city embraces the opportunity to showcase Champagne's diversity and elevate the wine tourism experience. The Residence Eisenhower stands as a symbol of Reims' reinvention, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore its cultural tapestry.

This vibrant city embodies the inseparable connection between art and wine, stimulating the local economy and fostering a journey of discovery for both locals and international visitors. It's time to uncover the transformations, savor the flavors, and immerse ourselves in the enchantment of Reims.

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