Fak’ugesi Digital Creativity Awards Celebrate African Innovation

In an awards ceremony marking the 10th anniversary Fak'ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, the Fak’ugesi 2023 Awards for Digital Creativity were announced. These awards celebrate the achievements of African artists and innovators in Animation, Video Games, Visual Arts, Music, and XR (AR/VR) categories, showcasing the vibrant and diverse digital creativity happening across the continent.

Animation Winners: The Power of Storytelling in Animation

Explore the exceptional creativity of the animation winners and their captivating stories.

Arowan Parker’s The Present takes us on a journey through fictional narratives and the power of human connections, reminding us to find beauty in the present moment.

Nkem Nwaturuocha’s The Song Maiden portrays the struggles of a young girl caught between cultural norms, showcasing her resilience and personal growth.

Lola Aikins’ debut film NALEDI tells the story of a star athlete facing overwhelming grief but finding inspiration to reclaim her confidence and finish her race.

Video Games: Inspiring and Educational Game Developments

Learn about the video games that challenge perceptions and promote self-love and empowerment.

Kushal Jeethendra Sithlu’s The Null Factor invites players to embark on an action-packed adventure in a post-pandemic world, where they battle against a rogue AI.

Alkemaize’s Rapz! follows Rapulani, a young girl with a magical afro, to empower and encourage self-love among young girls facing hair-related challenges.

Visual Arts: Blending Tradition and Technology

Discover the interplay between traditional art forms and technology through the eyes of talented visual artists.

Diane Cescutti’s Nosukaay project explores the links between Manjak weaving and computer technology, using a Manjak cloth as a keyboard, merging the traditional and the digital.

Exploring New Horizons with XR (AR/VR)

Dive into the immersive and thought-provoking world of extended reality through the XR winners' groundbreaking creations.

Agnes Ndegwa nurtures children's mental health and emotional acumen in Young Haven by providing them with a sanctuary in virtual reality, fostering open and expressive dialogues.

Aluta Null’s PHANTOM project gently unveils the complexities of mental health using extended reality, providing a platform for exploring the elusive nature of mental illness and fostering understanding.

Baruu Collective brings forth cultural heritage in If Objects Could Speak, utilizing immersive AR to revitalise Kenyan artefacts, invigorating local communities and creating a bridge between past and present.

Celebrating African Music and Heritage

Discover the unique blend of artistry and heritage showcased by |Kx'am in their multimedia exhibition.

|Kx'am's !Habesi (roots) exhibition beautifully intertwines various forms of art, photography, poetry, indigenous instruments, and augmented reality, shedding light on |Xam and Khoe land rights and honoring heritage.


The Fak’ugesi Digital Creativity Awards have provided a platform to celebrate the exceptional talent and innovation within Africa's digital landscape. From animation to video games, visual arts, XR, and music, these awards showcase the richness and diversity of African creativity. The winners have demonstrated the power of storytelling, challenging societal norms, blending tradition with technology, and pushing the boundaries of extended reality. These exceptional projects have not only captivated local audiences but also resonate on a global level, showcasing African perspectives and narratives to the world.

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