Georgian Museum of Fine Arts to host Banksy display to mark anniversary

Join me on a mesmerizing journey through the evolution of one of the most enigmatic street artists of our time, Banksy. Experience the exclusive display at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, curated by Steve Lazarides, offering a rare glimpse into the transition of Banksy from the streets to the museum walls. Delve into the 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition and unveil the distinctive path that led Banksy to become a legendary figure in contemporary art.

Journey from the Streets to the Museum Walls

Discover the captivating transition of Banksy's work from the walls of the streets to the prestigious display at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts.

Uncover the intriguing evolution of Banksy's artistic journey as his unique style transcended the boundaries of traditional street art. Witness the growth of the elusive artist and his transition from painting graffiti on urban walls to the hallowed halls of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts. Step into the pristine world of curated exhibits, capturing the essence of Banksy's rise to cultural icon.

From Underground Vandalism to Acclaimed Art

Explore Banksy's early beginnings as an anonymous graffiti artist, and delve into the underground world of street art where his rebellious spirit first emerged. Dive into his contextually rich art laden with political satire and social commentary, which soon caught the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. Follow the trail of his transformation as his work gained recognition and moved from the shadows of alleyways into esteemed gallery exhibitions.

A Closer Look at the Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition as it navigates the diverse range of Banksy's art, showcasing various mediums including canvas, sculpture, and even original street artefacts. Steve Lazarides, an integral part of Banksy's journey, meticulously curates an exclusive photo collection and riveting video materials, unveiling the prodigious talent and creative genius of a graffiti artist turned legend.

Perspectives on Banksy's Legacy

Engage in thought-provoking discussions surrounding Banksy's artistic impact, and unravel the complexity of his cultural significance. Reflect on the socio-political role of street art as a means of expression and protest. Appreciate the pioneering spirit of Banksy, whose artwork continues to challenge conventions, push boundaries, and transform the way we perceive contemporary art.

A Glimpse into Banksy's Origins

Dive into the origins of one of the most enigmatic street artists through an exclusive collection of documentary photos, revealing the roots of Banksy's creative journey.

Embark on a visual expedition through Banksy's beginnings with an exclusive collection of documentary photos carefully curated by Steve Lazarides, Banksy's long-time collaborator and manager. Get a rare glimpse into the dark alleys and streets where Banksy's provocative art first emerged, immortalized through evocative images captured by curator Lazarides himself.

The Unknown Young Graffiti Artist from Bristol

Transport yourself back to 1997 when Banksy was just an unknown graffiti artist within the vibrant streets of Bristol. Discover the tantalizing tales of his early struggles and groundbreaking experiments that laid the foundation for his disruptive artistry. Witness his audacious rise from an underground vandal to a legendary figure who would transform the art scene forever.

The Unraveling Narrative of Banksy's Evolution

Experience Banksy's captivating stories unfold within the seams of the photographs that form an intrinsic part of his narrative. Each image provides a window into his creative journey, the themes that emerged over time, and the evolution of his distinct stylistic approach. As you trace the footsteps of Banksy's origin story, witness the profound impact left by his graffiti on walls and, more importantly, on the hearts and minds of people.

Why Does Banksy Remain a Cult Figure?

Immerse yourself in the phenomenon of Banksy's enduring popularity and understand what makes this enigmatic artist a unique and revered figure in the art world. Analyze the intricate details and carefully crafted messaging behind each artwork as you unravel the layers of interpretation offered by his iconic illustrations. Discover why Banksy's influence extends far beyond the boundaries of conventional street art and continues to captivate minds globally.

Supporting the Local Art Scene

Explore the significant efforts of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts in fostering the growth and recognition of Georgian street artists.

Marvel not only at Banksy's artistic genius but also at the vibrant creativity thriving within the Georgian street art scene. Acquaint yourself with a thoughtfully curated parallel exhibition showcasing the works of talented local street artists. In collaboration with curator Elene Kapanadze, the museum highlights the distinctive styles and cultural impact of Georgian artists who actively contribute to the rich artistic heritage of Tbilisi and beyond.

A Celebration of Contemporary Georgian Street Art

Dive into a collection of engaging and captivating artwork created by street artists currently leaving their mark on the walls of Tbilisi. Explore the ingenious techniques, diverse perspectives, and powerful storytelling that define their unique artistic expressions. Witness firsthand how the street art scene has shaped Georgian culture on a grand scale, interweaving historical elements with modern sensibilities.

Fostering a Global Art Hub in Tbilisi

Through this innovative exhibition, the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts aims to put Tbilisi on the map as a vibrant global art hub. By engaging with the local street art community and inviting curated displays into its space, the museum fosters creativity, dialogue, and cross-cultural exchange. Witness the emergence of Tbilisi as a celebrated destination where artists can push boundaries, receive recognition, and contribute to the extensive tapestry of contemporary art.


From the captivating journey of Banksy's evolution, it becomes evident that this elusive artist has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art. Banksy's transition from the streets to the museum walls at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts highlights the power of street art as a medium of expression and cultural reflection.

Through the curated 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition, visitors gain deep insights into Banksy's origins, witnessing his transformation into a legendary figure who fearlessly challenges conventions and provokes societal dialogue. This event not only celebrates the museum's anniversary but also serves as a testament to the vibrant art landscape of Tbilisi.

By supporting both Banksy's illustrious career and the local Georgia street art scene, the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts has successfully cultivated a space where creativity thrives, demonstrating Tbilisi's emergence as a global art destination. As we bid farewell to this exceptional exhibit, the impact of Banksy's genius and the enduring influence of street art continue to reverberate throughout the art world, leaving a legacy of provocation and inspiration.


What is the duration of the 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition?

The 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition will be open for four months, allowing ample time to immerse oneself in the compelling artwork.

Why is Banksy so famous?

Banksy's fame stems from his thought-provoking and politically charged artwork that challenges social norms. His anonymous identity further fuels intrigue and curiosity, solidifying his status as an enigmatic art figure.

What role does street art play in society?

Street art acts as a powerful form of self-expression and activism, providing artists with a platform to voice their perspectives on social and political issues. It transforms public spaces into captivating galleries and fosters conversations about art, society, and urban aesthetics.

How does the exhibition support Georgian street artists?

The Georgian Museum of Fine Arts showcases the works of local street artists alongside the 'Birth of an Icon' exhibition, providing a platform for their talents to be recognized and celebrated. This collaborative effort highlights the transformative influence of street art on Georgian culture.

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