Knife Angel inspired art installation launches in Slough

Slough witnessed the awe-inspiring presence of the Knife Angel, an imposing symbol of our nation's commitment to combat violence. Now, a remarkable art installation, inspired by the angel's visit, stands as a powerful reminder of the need for peace. Let's delve into the story behind this remarkable creation and explore how it has captured the essence of unity and change.

The Inspirational Knife Angel Stepping into Slough

Discover the symbol of our nation's intolerance to violence and aggression and how it sparked a wave of action against various forms of violence in Slough.

In a significant declaration of our society's stance against violence and aggression, the renowned Knife Angel graced the town of Slough, leaving an indelible impression on its residents. This monumental sculpture, standing at an impressive 27ft, was comprised of around 100,000 blades collected from knife amnesty bins positioned nationwide during police operations.

Stepping foot in Arbour Park for a transformative one-month period, the Knife Angel's visit unleashed a cascade of reactions against violence, encompassing diverse forms of aggression such as knife crime, domestic abuse, and even bullying. It brought together over 8,500 individuals who embraced the opportunity to confront these issues head-on, leaving behind more than 900 tags showcasing impactful messages to promote a safer community.

Bringing the Knife Angel's Story to Life through Art Classes

Discover how the Art Classes Group honours the Knife Angel's legacy through the remarkable Tags Restoration project.

To commemorate the powerful impact of the Knife Angel, the Art Classes Group stepped up to generate a lasting memory of its visit, breathing life into the 'Tags Restoration project.' Collaborating with three talented artists, the group explored the diverse aspects of the sculpture, pouring their hearts and souls into the creative process.

Youthful artists meticulously painted stirring illustrations of the Knife Angel, skillfully examining art materials that replicated the blade-infused texture of the sculpture. Engaging with the local community, they initiated meaningful conversations and fostered imagery awareness surrounding knife crime's devastating consequences.

Showcasing more than 80 hours of relentless artistic dedication, the art installation comprises a central collection of tags adorned with messages representative of Slough communities. Alongside these tags, breathtaking paintings expertly render homage to the unmistakable figure of the original Knife Angel sculpture.

A Month of Action Against Violence and Knife Crime

Unveiling the poignant impact of volunteering, awareness-raising, and proactive discussions during the month-long campaign.

In conjunction with the Knife Angel's visit, Slough embarked on a resolute month-long campaign against violence and knife crime. The streets resonated with conversations amongst volunteers, members of the public, and dedicated police officers as they united to combat the afflictions corroding their community.

The joint efforts of the council, the Art Classes Group, Thames Valley Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, the Observatory Shopping Centre, and the Arts Council culminated in a symbolic display of solidarity at Arbour Park. On this momentous occasion, representatives expressed their gratitude for this shared collaboration and festive anticipation unveiled the extraordinary artwork, commemorating the Angel's presence.

Leave a Lasting Impression: Observing the Unveiling of the Artwork

Join the council, community members, and esteemed officials in celebrating the culmination of exceptional teamwork and creativity.

Gathering once again in Arbour Park, a prestigious event marked the revelation of the now-permanent art installation. Represented by council members, the Art Classes Group, Thames Valley Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Observatory Shopping Centre, and the Arts Council, the community was ready to bear witness to this tangible testament to their unwavering commitment to peace and well-being.

Councillor Chandra Muvvala, radiating enthusiasm, expressed immense pride in orchestrating such a momentous partnership that brought the prestigious Knife Angel to life within Slough's doorstep. Acknowledging the importance of spreading awareness about violence and acts of aggression, she congratulated the artists involved in capturing the emotional essence of the sculpture through their incredible craftsmanship.

Building a Safer Slough: The Ongoing Commitment

Reflecting on the legacy of the Knife Angel and its poignant influence on future endeavours against violence and aggression.

Inspired by the profound impact of the Knife Angel visit, Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber commented on the far-reaching significance of the sculpture's presence in Slough. He hailed it as an effective awareness catalyst against the perils of knife crime and lauded the Art Classes Group for fashioning an art installation to attest to the town's unwavering commitment to curbing serious violence.

Brimming with pride, Barber commended the life-changing initiatives undertaken by Thames Valley Police to barricade knives from infiltrating the streets. The implementation of Operation Deter, Spearhead Hubs, and dedicated early intervention programs for adolescents stand as testaments to the tireless pursuit of a safer Slough.

Together, as a community dedicated to unity and welfare, we can dismantle the invisible shackles that perpetuate violence in our town. Let us envisage a future for Slough that polishes the enduring legacy of the Knife Angel: one imbued with safety and compassion.


The Knife Angel's visit to Slough ignited a powerful transformation within the community, serving as a symbol of our nation's zero tolerance towards violence and aggression. The remarkable Tags Restoration project, created by Art Classes Group, stands as a lasting tribute to this extraordinary sculpture, embodying the collective commitment to building a safer society.

Through immersive artworks and heartfelt messages, the Tags Restoration project encapsulates the deep-rooted desire to eradicate knife crime, domestic abuse, and all forms of violence. With deep appreciation for the collaborative efforts of artists, local community members, and support from officials and organizations, Slough emerges as a town united in the pursuit of a peaceful future.

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