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In a groundbreaking collaboration, leading crypto wallet provider Ledger has joined forces with renowned art auction house Sotheby's to offer unparalleled benefits to digital art enthusiasts. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize the digital art industry by safeguarding the ownership and value of prized digital artworks through cutting-edge security measures and educational resources. Explore how Ledger's upcoming limited-edition hardware wallet and personalized onboarding services will redefine the experience for collectors and elevate their understanding of safeguarding their digital assets.

The Exclusive Partnership Between Ledger and Sotheby's

Learn about the groundbreaking collaboration between Ledger and Sotheby's and their joint mission to revolutionize the digital art industry.

A new era dawns for digital art collectors as two industry giants, Ledger and Sotheby's, unite in an unprecedented partnership. By bridging the gap between digital art and cryptocurrency, this collaboration aims to provide enhanced security and benefits to collectors around the globe. Through strategic measures and educational initiatives, Ledger and Sotheby's aim to cement the value and importance of digital artwork in the same league as physical masterpieces.

This groundbreaking partnership promises collectors an exclusive limited-edition hardware wallet developed by Ledger specifically for Sotheby's customers. This Nano X wallet will ensure the secure storage and effortless management of digital art assets. Moreover, Sotheby's elite collectors can access premium onboarding services through Ledger's white-glove concierge. This personalized integration into the Ledger Academy empowers collectors to protect and preserve the digital value of their artworks.

Ledger's Commitment to the Digital Art World

Discover how Ledger is positioning itself as a key player in the digital art realm, empowering artists and supporting the growth of the industry as a whole.

Unveiling an ambitious strategy, Ledger has made significant strides in the digital art sphere. Beyond facilitating secure storage, the company has diversified its support by creating an NFT Art collection and establishing a fund dedicated to empowering artists worldwide. Acknowledging digital art as a transformative and valuable medium, Ledger has emerged as a pioneer in facilitating the growth and evolution of the digital art market.

A testament to their dedication, Ledger has now partnered with prestigious auction house Sotheby's. By leveraging Ledger's expertise in crypto solutions, this collaboration aims to unleash the full potential of digital art and elevate its status to match physical masterpieces.

Sotheby's Embrace of Digital Art Security

Discover how Sotheby's is adapting to the digital art world, and how Ledger's hardware wallets play a crucial role in providing enhanced security measures.

Recognizing the transformative power of digital art, Sotheby's has taken bold strides to solidify its presence in the web3 domain. The establishment of a dedicated NFT and digital art department and the launch of Sotheby's trusted secondary market platform demonstrate the auction house's commitment to the medium's growth and development.

By forming a partnership with Ledger, a trusted name in crypto security, Sotheby's is furthering its dedication to ensuring the utmost protection and preservation of digital assets. Expanding beyond traditional art acquisitions, Sotheby's now caters to collectors seeking secure ways to invest in digital art and embraces Ledger's hardware wallets as the pinnacle of luxury and security in the digital art world.

Democratizing Digital Art Ownership and Education

Explore how Ledger and Sotheby's partnership aims to educate collectors on the importance of secure digital art ownership and the significance of the web3 movement.

As the digital art market continues to gain momentum, educating collectors about secure ownership becomes imperative. Adapting to this need, Ledger and Sotheby's have aligned to provide collectors a seamless experience in navigating the digital art ecosystem.

The Importance of Collectors' Digital Value Protection

Recognizing the exotic appeal of digital art, Sotheby's wishes to equip collectors with essential knowledge to ensure they can protect their digital assets and maximize their value. Through Ledger Academy's educational resources, collectors gain a comprehensive understanding of securing and preserving their digital art, ensuring their collections serve as a worthy investment and a source of personal joy and satisfaction.

Marrying Luxury with Self-Custody in Digital Art

Sotheby's acknowledges Ledger's hardware wallets as a luxury product that merges the concepts of self-custody and digital art. By introducing their high-end clientele to this innovative technology for securely storing and owning digital art, Sotheby's stays at the forefront of the industry and equips collectors with the knowledge and tools they need to embrace the ever-evolving digital landscape.


The partnership between Ledger and Sotheby's marks an exciting milestone in the world of digital art. Collectors can now enjoy enhanced security measures and exclusive benefits, courtesy of Ledger's cutting-edge hardware wallets and Sotheby's commitment to the digital art space.

This collaboration not only solidifies the value and importance of digital artwork but also empowers collectors to navigate the web3 landscape with confidence. By safeguarding their digital assets and promoting education, Ledger and Sotheby's are unlocking new possibilities and democratizing digital art ownership for art enthusiasts worldwide.


Why is this partnership important for digital art collectors?

The partnership between Ledger and Sotheby's offers digital art collectors enhanced security for their valuable assets through Ledger's hardware wallets. This collaboration also prioritizes education to ensure collectors understand how to protect and preserve their digital art effectively.

What benefits do collectors gain from this partnership?

Collectors who purchase the most valuable digital art at Sotheby's will be rewarded with a limited-edition Ledger x Sotheby's Nano X hardware wallet. Additionally, elite collectors can access premium onboarding services and educational resources through Ledger Academy.

How does this partnership support the growth of the digital art industry?

Ledger's commitment to the digital art realm, as reflected in its NFT Art collection and support for artists worldwide, combined with Sotheby's expertise and established presence in the art world, propel the growth and development of the digital art industry. The collaboration marries luxury with secure self-custody, merging the concepts of traditional art acquisition with the evolving digital landscape.

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