Legal Graffiti Walls To Be Trialled In Glasgow - Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council is embarking on an exciting initiative to trial legal graffiti walls, offering street artists a creative outlet while transforming the cityscape. With two council-owned properties earmarked for this pilot project, Glasgow is set to embrace the vibrant street art culture that has long added color and vibrancy to public spaces. This move aims to revitalize and enhance the city's urban areas, creating visually appealing spaces for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Impact of Legal Graffiti Walls

Explore how the introduction of legal graffiti walls can have a positive impact on the city's environment and communities

Legal graffiti walls in Glasgow come with multifaceted benefits. By providing street artists with designated spaces, we can channel their creativity into dynamic artworks that enhance the city's environment. Not only do legal graffiti walls add vibrancy and character to urban spaces, but they also serve as focal points for expression and cultural exchange.

The opportunities created by legal graffiti walls are not limited to artists- residents, businesses, and organizations can play integral roles in developing and supporting these artistic hubs. This initiative bolsters a sense of community involvement and encourages the exploration of new artistic dimensions.

The Pilot Program: Fostering Collaboration

Discover how a newly established working group and community arts organizations drive the success of the pilot program

A collaborative approach is at the heart of Glasgow's legal graffiti walls pilot program. A working group, comprising representatives from the council, Glasgow Life, and community art groups, such as Colourways and SWG3, has been established. This inclusive setup ensures that the program benefits from diverse expertise and perspectives, fostering a nurturing and empowering environment for street artists to thrive.

Working closely with two community art organizations, the pilot program connects artists with the allocated space within the council-owned properties. The lead organizations will curate and maintain the walls, actively contributing to the creation of visually striking murals. This joint effort sets the stage for an engaging and enticing streetscape in the city centre.

Glasgow Life: A Catalyst for Community Art

Glasgow Life, one of the key partners in the pilot program, is renowned for its commitment to promoting arts, culture, and creative endeavors. By harnessing their experience and powerful network, this esteemed organization strengthens the collaborative platform for artists, creating an inclusive space that inspires both cultural regeneration and community engagement.


Glasgow's trial of legal graffiti walls marks a significant step towards embracing and celebrating street art in the city. Through designated spaces for artists to showcase their creativity, Glasgow is revitalizing urban spaces, creating visually appealing areas for residents and visitors alike. The collaborative efforts of the council, community art organizations, and Glasgow Life provide artists with a platform for self-expression while fostering community engagement. By supporting street art in this manner, the city is cultivating a more vibrant and culturally rich environment.


Why are legal graffiti walls important?

Legal graffiti walls provide street artists with designated spaces to showcase their creativity and self-expression. They add vibrancy and character to urban areas, contributing to the cultural fabric and artistic identity of a city.

How will the pilot program benefit street artists and the community?

The pilot program provides opportunities for street artists to contribute to the arts community in Glasgow and create visually striking murals. It fosters collaboration between the council, community art organizations, and artists, leading to the revitalization of urban spaces and enhanced community engagement.

Who is involved in the pilot program?

The pilot program involves Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Life, and community art organizations such as Colourways and SWG3. These collaborations bring together expertise, resources, and creativity to support the success and development of legal graffiti walls in the city.

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