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Experience the excitement of local artists and art enthusiasts as ArtWorks of Sampson introduces a new opportunity to showcase and appreciate artistic talents in Clinton's historic downtown. Get ready to explore a vibrant, low-cost art gallery opening its doors in February 2024, providing artists a platform to sell their diverse and captivating works of art.

ArtWorks of Sampson: Reviving Downtown Clinton

Discover the driving force behind ArtWorks of Sampson's mission and how it is set to revitalize Clinton's historic downtown.

Nestled in the charming heart of Clinton's historic downtown, ArtWorks of Sampson emerges as a dynamic catalyst for artistic expression. With an unwavering commitment to nurture and support local artists, this non-profit gallery aims to inject vibrancy and creativity into the city's cultural landscape.

Through collaborative partnerships with the Sampson Arts Council and a visionary approach, ArtWorks offers artists a stunning and affordable retail space to showcase their multi-faceted talents. Every brushstroke and stroke of genius from artists will contribute to the resurgence of downtown Clinton as a thriving hub of artistic inspiration and community involvement.

A Promising Venue for Local Artists

Uncover the unique opportunities provided by ArtWorks of Sampson to empower and support local artists in showcasing their works.

ArtWorks of Sampson stands as a beacon of hope for local artists, offering a singular opportunity to share their creativity with a broader audience. By providing an attractive and professional retail space at low-cost, artists can showcase their beautiful works without the constraints of prohibitive fees.

ArtWorks believes in the unrivaled potential of each artist, enabling them to take home a larger portion of their well-deserved earnings, with sales commissions set at a commendable 20-25%, significantly lower than prevailing rates elsewhere. This empowering environment fosters inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration, solidifying downtown Clinton as a true artistic haven.

Determined to meet the evolving needs of artists, ArtWorks actively seeks input from the creative community while decision-making processes are still underway. By fostering an open dialogue, the organization values artisans' perspectives, enabling constant adaptations and enhancements to the overall experience offered by the gallery.

A Home for Art Lovers and Enthusiasts

Embark on an enchanting journey through the ArtWorks gallery and discover a haven for art lovers to immerse themselves in the creations of talented artists.

Step through the doors of ArtWorks of Sampson, and a world of artistic wonders unfolds. A carefully curated collection of diverse art forms awaits, from paintings that evoke thought and emotion to captivating sculptures that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

Visitors to the gallery are certain to find inspiration at every turn, as well as an opportunity to acquire unique pieces that allow them to leave with an extraordinary parcel of the artist's imagination. Engage with the vibrant arts community Clinton proudly hosts and contribute to sustaining the region's artistic spirit, cultural significance, and economic growth.

Join the ArtWorks Community and Make a Difference

Find out how you can actively participate in ArtWorks of Sampson's journey and contribute to the flourishing artistic landscape of Clinton and beyond.

Artists, art lovers, and individuals intrigued by artistic expression are called to join the ArtWorks community for an enriching artistic adventure. The organization, nestled in the center of Clinton's historic downtown, eagerly seeks passionate individuals to serve on their board, helping shape the bright and interconnected future of the gallery.

Not only will you be contributing to a growing creative ecosystem, but your involvement will also resonate within the local and regional art scenes, cultivating a vibrant spirit of artistic excellence and shared success. Embrace the transformative power of art and become a catalyst for change right here in our own community.


ArtWorks of Sampson is poised to unleash a wave of creative energy in downtown Clinton, providing local artists with an inviting and affordable platform to showcase their talents. Through this transformative endeavor, art enthusiasts and the community at large will experience the power of the arts and witness the city's cultural renaissance firsthand.

As ArtWorks of Sampson opens its doors in February 2024, it beckons both artists and art lovers to immerse themselves in a vibrant gallery space where creativity knows no bounds. By supporting and engaging with this empowering arts community, we can play a vital role in shaping Clinton's artistic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on our burgeoning downtown scene.

Inspiration awaits, creative connections abound, and the chance to make a lasting impact is within reach. Join ArtWorks of Sampson on this extraordinary journey as art breathes new life into the heart of Clinton.


How can I get involved with ArtWorks of Sampson?

ArtWorks of Sampson invites passionate individuals to serve on their board and shape the future of the gallery. By joining this community, you can actively contribute to the thriving artistic landscape of Clinton and make a difference in supporting local artists.

What can I expect to find in the ArtWorks gallery?

At ArtWorks of Sampson, you will discover a carefully curated collection of diverse art forms, ranging from thought-provoking paintings to captivating sculptures. It's a haven where art lovers can immerse themselves in the creations of talented artists and find unique pieces that inspire and intrigue.

What sets ArtWorks apart from other galleries?

ArtWorks of Sampson distinguishes itself by providing low-cost retail space for artists to sell their works, with sales commissions set lower than prevailing rates. Moreover, the organization actively seeks input from artists, fostering an environment of inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration.

How will ArtWorks contribute to Clinton's downtown revitalization?

As a fresh addition to the downtown area, ArtWorks of Sampson injects vibrancy and creativity into Clinton's historic district. By attracting art lovers and fostering a vibrant arts community, the organization contributes to the cultural significance, economic growth, and overall vibrancy of the city.

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