New media artist Jonas Denzel explores his projection mapping practice

Step into the mesmerizing world of interactive projection mapping with talented German artist, Jonas Denzel. Known for his large-scale projection mapping works, Denzel takes audience engagement to new heights by seamlessly blending sound and visuals. Join us as we explore his artistic process, inspirations, and the magic behind his interactive creations.

Immersive Experiences through Interactive Projection Mapping

Experience the world of interactive projection mapping and be transported into immersive experiences

Projection mapping has revolutionized the way we experience art. Through the masterful work of talented artists like Jonas Denzel, projection mapping has taken on a new level of interactivity.

Intriguing visuals and captivating soundscapes come together to sweep the audience off their feet. Delve into the mesmerizing world of interactive projection mapping as we explore the profound impact it has on creating immersive experiences.

The Collaborative Approach: Art and Sound in Harmony

Discover the powerful fusion of art and sound in Jonas Denzel's interactive projection mapping

Jonas Denzel's interactive projection mapping becomes even more compelling with the integration of sound. When visuals and sound work harmoniously, the audience is transported into a multi-sensory journey.

Explore Denzel's collaborative approach that combines field recordings and the skilled expertise of sound artist Sören Schaudel. Together, they weave together captivating visuals and an enchanting soundscape, creating an unforgettable artistic experience.

From Large-scale to Intimate: Versatility at its Finest

Witness Jonas Denzel's ability to captivate audiences in both large-scale and intimate spaces

Jonas Denzel's talent and creativity transcend the boundaries of scale. Whether creating grand projection mappings on massive structures like the Palace of the Parliament, or projecting on smaller surfaces like bus stops and tree trunks using his unique beambike invention, Denzel's works captivate audiences' imagination.

Discover how Denzel's versatility pushes the limits of projection mapping, and the creative possibilities that arise when art engages with different environments.

Interacting with Art: Empowering the Audience

Explore the power of audience participation in the interactive projection mapping world of Jonas Denzel

An essential element of Jonas Denzel creates interactive projection mappings is audience involvement. Bringing the audience into the art, Denzel invites them to participate through their interactions and create a symbiotic connection with their surroundings.

Enter the innovative world of interactive art where the audience becomes an integral part of the artistic process, providing a unique and empowering experience.


In the realm of interactive projection mapping, Jonas Denzel creates mesmerizing experiences that bridge the gap between art and audience. Through his innovative use of sound and visuals, Denzel constructs immersive environments that invite active participation from viewers. Whether it's on a monumental scale or on intimate surfaces, Denzel's work pushes the boundaries of projection mapping and opens up new possibilities for artistic engagement. Embrace the magic of interactive projection mapping and allow yourself to become a part of the art.


What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a technique that allows artists to project images or videos onto irregular surfaces, such as buildings or objects, creating the illusion of dynamic, animated art.

How does sound enhance the interactive experience?

Sound adds another layer of immersion to interactive projection mapping. Incorporating field recordings and collaborating with a sound artist enables the creation of a multisensory experience, captivating the audience's imagination.

Can interactive projection mapping be done on a smaller scale?

Absolutely! While Jonas Denzel is known for his large-scale projection mappings, he also embraces smaller surfaces. His creation, the beambike, makes it possible to project performances even in confined spaces, bringing the magic of interactive projection mapping to unexpected places.

Why is audience involvement important in interactive projection mapping?

Audience involvement adds an element of empowerment and connection to interactive projection mapping. By inviting the audience to participate through their interactions, Jonas Denzel elevates the experience into a collaborative creation where the boundaries between artist and audience blur.

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