New mural chosen for Aquatic Park, but all 4 sculpture proposals rejected

Welcome to an exciting journey into the creative world of Berkeley's Aquatic Park. In this article, we will unveil the artistic gem that has been chosen as the park's new mural and offer insights into the thought-provoking decision to reject proposed sculptures. Join me in exploring Masako Miki's luminous masterpiece, 'Contemplating the Universe,' as it merges elements of Japanese and Ohlone folklore to celebrate diversity. We will also delve into the extensive public input process that shaped this remarkable choice and discover the city's plans for the future of the project. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of installation art at Aquatic Park!

Unveiling 'Contemplating the Universe' Mural: A Luminous Celebration of Diversity

Discover the mesmerizing artwork selected for Aquatic Park's new mural as we delve into the vibrant masterpiece that captivated the hearts of many.

Prepare to be enchanted by the splendor of Masako Miki's 'Contemplating the Universe' mural. Combining the rich traditions of Japanese and Ohlone folklore, this aquamarine and indigo tile masterpiece unfolds a visually stunning representation of diversity.

Infused with symbolism, each tile tells a story, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity. As you behold the intricate details, embrace the blending of cultures and celebrate the power of unity.

A Thoughtful Decision: Sculpture Rejections Bring Insights

Explore the factors that led to the unanimous decision by the civic arts commission to reject the proposed sculptures, and gain insight into public feedback.

The decision not to select any of the proposed sculptures came after careful consideration and public input. With more than 500 respondents sharing their thoughts, concerns were raised regarding the compatibility of the sculptures with Aquatic Park’s unique landscape.

In harmony with nature: Challenges and adaptations

Nature emerged as a central point of discussion, with ecosystem preservation weighing heavily on crucial decisions. As ecosystems evolve with the rhythm of nature's ballet, it became clear that the proposed sculptures posed challenges that called for significant compromises.

For instance, one proposal featuring giant abalone shells faced scrutiny due to their deviation from the park's artificial lagoons, which contrast starkly with the endemic habitat of Pacific Coast mollusks. Another design, which depicted a minimalist fantasy ship, would have required the pruning of dense evergreens, affecting snowy egrets and their roosting habitats along the west shore.

Putting community first: Cultivating a shared vision

In such a collaborative decision-making process, public opinion played a pivotal role. The engagement of over 500 individuals surpassed previous numbers, magnifying diverse perspectives on the proposed sculptures. This high level of public engagement showcases the importance of community input, ensuring that public art reflects the values and aspirations of its inhabitants.

The Future Ahead: Resuming the Sculpture Search

Learn about the city's upcoming plans to find the perfect sculpture that aligns with Aquatic Park's dynamic setting, budget, and community ideals.

While the decision not to select any of the proposed sculptures delights imagination and anticipation, it is also a catalyst for initiating the next exciting phase of Aquatic Park's public art journey. The exploration for the perfect sculpture resumes, with a budget of $450,000 dedicated to bringing the vision to life.

Data and feedback from the public input process provide valuable guidance for this bold undertaking. Armed with insights gained from this extensive journey, the Civic Arts Commission is determined to achieve the highest level of artistic excellence.

So, what lies ahead? Immerse yourself in our blog and join the conversation as we share the developments and milestones of Aquatic Park's search for the sculpture that will adorn its picturesque landscape. Your presence is crucial as we shape an artistic legacy that reflects the vibrant spirit of our community.


The selection of Masako Miki's 'Contemplating the Universe' mural offers an enchanting testament to the power of diversity. This beautiful art piece merges Japanese and Ohlone folklore, celebrating the unique cultures that contribute to our vibrant community.

While the proposed sculptures did not meet the high standards set by the Civic Arts Commission, the rejection serves as a reminder of the commitment to excellence in public art. The feedback from the public played a crucial role in shaping these decisions, highlighting the importance of community engagement and shared visions.

As Aquatic Park continues its search for the perfect sculpture to adorn its landscapes, we invite you to join us on this awe-inspiring journey. Together, we can create an artistic legacy that captures the essence of our community and fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

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