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Visitors to the Long Island City waterfront have a new artistic gem to explore this fall—an enchanting sculpture garden that showcases the creative talents of local artists. Created through a collaboration between Culture Lab LIC and developer TF Cornerstone, this vibrant outdoor gallery promises captivating works of art and immersive installations that will inspire and awe visitors. Let's delve into the stunning sculptures and installations that adorn this extraordinary landscape.

Discover the Diverse Sculptures and Installations

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating sculptures and immersive installations that captivate the senses.

As you wander through the sculpture garden in Long Island City, prepare to be mesmerized by the diverse range of artwork on display. From bold and abstract sculptures to thought-provoking installations, each piece tells a unique story and evokes powerful emotions.

Explore sculptures created by esteemed artist Kenny Greenberg, featuring his expertly crafted neon designs that illuminate the surroundings with their vibrant colors and glowing light. These mesmerizing works of art invite playfulness, inviting visitors to conjure up their own interpretations as they examine tiny pieces of a larger imaginary crossword puzzle.

Paul Maus's sculptures, part of his abstract white marble figurative series, offer a powerful portrayal of women asserting their identity against societal constraints. These stunning works offer a contemporary take on societal issues while showcasing Maus's skillful technique and dedication to his craft.

Look out for the unique creations of Erwin List Sanchez, who forges and welds railroad spikes to breathe life into life-size animal sculptures. One such piece showcased in the sculpture garden is 'The Moose Spirit,' which serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to preserve nature and build a better future for all.

Experience the Intersection of Art, Landscape, and Community

Witness the harmonious coexistence of art, landscape, and community in the sculpture garden, creating a space for artistic expression and communal connection.

The sculpture garden, nestled between the imposing residential towers of 5203 and 5241 Center Blvd, symbolizes the harmonious interplay between art, landscape, and community. It serves as a visual feast and meeting point for the diverse artistic voices that characterize Long Island City.

TF Cornerstone, the collaboration between Culture Lab LIC and developer TF Cornerstone, envisioned the sculpture garden as an urban oasis. By integrating captivating sculptures and immersive installations with the natural beauty of the surrounding waterfront, they've created an environment where creativity thrives.

This vibrant space invites both locals and visitors to gather, explore, and engage with art. The sculpture garden fosters a sense of community, encouraging connections and conversations among individuals who share a love for artistic expression and the enriching power of creativity.

By immersing yourself in the symbiotic relationship between art, landscape, and community within the sculpture garden, you become an integral part of the thriving artistic tapestry that defines Long Island City.

Unveiling the Power of Art to Ignite Emotions and Spark Reflection

Discover how the sculptures and installations in the sculpture garden tantalize the senses, evoke emotions, and inspire introspection.

Art has the incredible ability to stir the soul, elicit powerful emotions, and provoke inner contemplation. The sculptures and installations in the sculpture garden harness this power, casting a spell upon anyone fortunate enough to encounter them.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the mesmerizing craftsmanship of the sculptures as they catch the light, resulting in striking interplays of shadow and color. Each sculptor's chosen medium and artistic techniques lend a unique visual language to their creations, inviting the viewer to interpret and indulge in their personal narratives.

Tread lightly as you approach the immersive installations. These three-dimensional artworks transcend traditional boundaries by incorporating unconventional materials, interactive elements, and thought-provoking symbolism. You'll find yourself immersed in these intriguing landscapes, experiencing something beyond mere visual delight.

Take a moment to reflect on how these powerful and thoughtfully crafted works echo the world around us, internalizing their message and pondering the artist's intent. Let yourself be transported to imaginative realms where art is an extension of the human experience and a catalyst for deeper connection and introspection.


The sculpture garden in Long Island City offers a mesmerizing experience that combines the artistic talents of local creators with the natural beauty of the waterfront. From the captivating sculptures by Kenny Greenberg to Paul Maus's thought-provoking figurative works and Erwin List Sanchez's life-size animal sculptures, this outdoor gallery is a testament to the thriving artistic ecosystem of Long Island City.

By exploring this vibrant space, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the power of art, ignite your emotions, and spark reflection. Let the sculptures and immersive installations enthrall your senses, as you witness the intersection of art, landscape, and community. The sculpture garden in Long Island City is an invitation to celebrate creativity, foster connections, and build a better future through the universal language of art.

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