Plumas Bank in Chico Showcases Local Artists: Where Art Meets Banking

Step into Plumas Bank in Chico and you might find yourself questioning whether you are in a bank or an art gallery. The modern and stylish décor, along with captivating artworks displayed on the walls, create an ambiance unlike any other financial institution. Plumas Bank, known for its commitment to the community, has chosen to showcase the talents of local artists, aiming to forge a connection between banking and art. Join us as we explore the captivating amalgamation of art and finance at Plumas Bank in Chico.

The Fusion of Art and Finance

Explore how Plumas Bank in Chico seamlessly merges the worlds of art and finance, creating a unique and inspiring atmosphere within its branch.

Plumas Bank goes beyond the traditional concept of banking, transforming its branch in Chico into a captivating gallery-like space. By showcasing the stunning creations of local artists, Plumas Bank offers its clients an immersive experience that merges the worlds of art and finance. Discover the motivations and inspirations behind this innovative approach to banking.

Honoring Local Talent

Delve into Plumas Bank's commitment to local artists and how they set out to highlight the diverse talents found within the community.

Plumas Bank in Chico isn't just a supporter of the arts; it actively seeks out opportunities to shine a light on local artists. Through partnerships with organizations like the Museum of Northern California Art, they select exceptional artists to showcase their work within the branch, providing exposure and recognition.

Paula Busch, the first featured artist chosen by Plumas Bank, is a remarkable example of the local talent deserving recognition. With a background in printmaking and encaustic artwork, her pieces showcased at the bank mesmerize viewers while adding a touch of elegance to the space.

An Artist's Inspiration

Step into Paula Busch's artistic journey and learn about the inspiration behind her mesmerizing encaustic artwork displayed at Plumas Bank.

To truly appreciate and understand an artist's work, we must delve into their journey and creative process. Paula Busch draws inspiration from contemporary Japanese basket art for her masterpieces. Through the delicate and unique use of encaustics, she brings her creations to life, adding texture and depth to each piece. Explore the stories behind Busch's fascinating works as she enthralls audiences with her trademark encaustic style.

The Captivating Pieces on Display

Get up close and personal with Paula Busch's breathtaking artwork through a detailed exploration of her 'Basket Series' and 'Endangered Species' series.

Within the Plumas Bank branch in Chico, visitors are treated to the mesmerizing artwork of Paula Busch. One cannot help but be captivated by her 'Basket Series,' where she combines traditional Japanese basket art with her encaustic technique to create visually stunning, three-dimensional pieces.

Beyond the baskets, Busch captivates audiences with her 'Endangered Species' series.

Harnessing her imagination and artistic prowess, she paints enchanting images of jellyfish using alcohol inks on an encaustic base. These surreal depictions stand as both a commentary on the fragility of these species and a celebration of the artist's boundless creativity.

Connecting Art and Community

Discover the impact Plumas Bank's art initiative has on the community, fostering an appreciation for local artists and highlighting their exceptional talents.

Plumas Bank's commitment to showcasing art within its Chico branch extends beyond the mere aesthetics. By featuring artwork from local artists, the bank takes an active role in nurturing the community's cultural landscape.

Thanks to partnerships with organizations like the Museum of Northern California Art, Plumas Bank weaves art seamlessly into the fabric of daily life, allowing residents and visitors alike to indulge in the artistic talents found in the area.


Plumas Bank in Chico has successfully redefined the banking experience by seamlessly blending the worlds of art and finance. The unique branch, adorned with captivating artwork from local artists, creates an atmosphere that transcends traditional banking norms. Through their commitment to the community, Plumas Bank not only supports and honors local artists but enhances the cultural fabric of the entire Chico area. This progressive approach to banking is truly a testament to the power of creativity and community.


Q: Can I purchase the showcased artwork at Plumas Bank?

A: Yes, the showcased artwork is available for sale. You can reach out to the artist, Paula Busch, through her website or social media platforms for more information on purchasing her exquisite pieces.

Q: How often will the showcased artwork change at Plumas Bank?

A: The showcased artwork will change every four months, offering a rotating display of exceptional local talent. This ensures that visitors to the bank will constantly be treated to fresh and exciting artwork.

Q: Can local artists submit their work to be considered for display at Plumas Bank?

A: Plumas Bank actively seeks to support local artists and welcomes submissions for consideration. Artists can reach out to Plumas Bank or collaborate with local organizations like the Museum of Northern California Art to explore opportunities for displaying their artwork.

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