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The City of West Hollywood is delighted to announce the appointment of Jen Cheng as the next City Poet Laureate. With her profound connection to the community and visionary leadership, Cheng embraces the mission of celebrating the diverse West Hollywood identity through the captivating medium of poetry. We invite you to join us on October 22, 2023, as we unveil an extraordinary installation event, featuring Cheng and showcasing the power of words to illuminate and unite our vibrant community.

A Beacon of Words: Introducing Jen Cheng as City Poet Laureate

Get introduced to the newly appointed City Poet Laureate Jen Cheng. Discover her connection to the local community and learn about her journey as a poet.

With a profound connection to the vibrant and diverse West Hollywood community, Jen Cheng has been selected as the City Poet Laureate. She is a poet, community organizer, and performance artist who brings a wealth of passion and energy to her craft. Born and raised in West Hollywood, Cheng has developed a deep-rooted understanding of the city's rich cultural heritage.

Jen Cheng's journey as a poet and advocate for the arts has positioned her as an influential figure in the local community. Her commitment to capturing the essence of West Hollywood through poetry makes her the perfect candidate for the honorary position of City Poet Laureate.

Empowering Voices: Pride Poets and Their Impact

Learn about the innovative 'Pride Poets' project, initiated by the current City Poet Laureate, Brian Sonia-Wallace. Explore how this project has brought inclusive and diverse poetry to the West Hollywood community.

One of Jen Cheng's notable achievements and an initiative that caught the attention of the City Poet Laureate Selection Committee is her significant contribution to the 'Pride Poets' project. The brainchild of current City Poet Laureate Brian Sonia-Wallace, this project celebrates the LGBTQ+ community through the power of words.

The Impact of 'Pride Poets' Project

The 'Pride Poets' project has become a vital platform for LGBTQ+ voices in West Hollywood. By facilitating the creation and sharing of thousands of custom poems during pop-up events and via call-in phone lines, this initiative empowers the community to express their diverse experiences, struggles, and triumphs through poetry. It creates a sense of belonging and celebration during the WeHo Pride Arts Festival, foster fruitful collaborations, and engender a more inclusive ambiance within the city.

Unveiling Creativity: Beyond Words and Poetry

Delve into the broader impact of arts and poetry in West Hollywood. Discover how being appointed as the City Poet Laureate opens doors to various public events and engages the community in appreciating and participating in literary arts.

A Cultural Ambassador for West Hollywood

As the newly appointed City Poet Laureate, Jen Cheng has the opportunity to serve as a cultural ambassador for West Hollywood. Her role is to deepen the appreciation and understanding of the city's rich arts scene, diverse population, and the stories that make it unique. Through her poignant poetry and community engagement events, Cheng will bring this vision to life.

Celebrating Literature through Public Events

Jen Cheng's tenure as the City Poet Laureate offers numerous opportunities for the public to engage with literary arts. Whether it is participating in poetry gatherings, attending readings and book signings, or engaging in interactive art installations, the cityscape of West Hollywood will inject additional creativity and literary involvement into the community's daily life.

The Advent of Collaborative Expressions

Jen Cheng's selection is an acknowledgment of her role as a bridge between various creative communities in West Hollywood. Her involvement in numerous cultural events demonstrates her commitment to collaboration and community building, particularly by fostering connections between established artists and emerging talents.


Jen Cheng's appointment as the City Poet Laureate of West Hollywood marks a significant milestone in the celebration of poetry and the arts in our community. Her deep connection to West Hollywood, combined with her visionary leadership, promises to illuminate the city's cultural heritage through the power of words.

The 'Pride Poets' project stands as a testament to the inclusive and diverse tapestry of voices that reside within West Hollywood. By fostering collaboration and providing platforms for expression, the project has enriched the LGBTQ+ community, enhancing the city's vibrant arts scene. It sets the stage for the tremendous impact that Jen Cheng will have as the City Poet Laureate.

We invite you to join us on October 22, 2023, as we unveil an extraordinary installation event featuring Jen Cheng. Let her poetry resonate with you, as we celebrate the diversity, artistry, and human connections within West Hollywood.


Q: What is the role of a City Poet Laureate?

A: The City Poet Laureate serves as a cultural ambassador, using their gift of words and community engagement to promote and celebrate the arts, diverse population, and stories within a city or community. They engage with the public through poetry, participate in public events, and are advocates for literary arts.

Q: How is the City Poet Laureate selected?

A: The City Poet Laureate is selected through a rigorous process, often involving a selection committee comprised of representatives from the city's arts division, community organizations, and former or current Poets Laureate. The selection is based on factors such as the poet's connection to the community, their artistic merit, and their vision for promoting the literary arts.

Q: What are some notable achievements of Jen Cheng?

A: One of Jen Cheng's standout accomplishments is her leadership in the 'Pride Poets' project, which resulted in the creation of thousands of custom poems for the public during events and through a call-in telephone line. Her deep understanding of West Hollywood's diverse population and her active involvement in the community make her an ideal candidate for the role of City Poet Laureate.

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