Resewing the Fabric of a Country: Proyectos Ultravioleta's Mission to Sustain Guatemalan Artists

Proyectos Ultravioleta, a gallery in Guatemala City, is on a mission to sustain the voices and careers of artists in a country that has faced immense hardship. Through their unique business model and international presence, they have become a platform for artists to engage in public dialogue and advocate for equity and stability. Join us as we explore the inspiring journey of Proyectos Ultravioleta and the impact they have made on the Guatemalan art scene.

Proyectos Ultravioleta: Fostering Dialogue Through Art

Discover how Proyectos Ultravioleta gallery serves as a platform for artists to engage in public dialogue and advocate for equity and stability.

Proyectos Ultravioleta, located in Guatemala City, has positioned itself as a forum for artists to foster public dialogue in a country that has faced immense challenges. The gallery's mission is to sustain the voices and careers of artists and act as advocates for equity and stability.

Through their exhibitions and artistic practices, Proyectos Ultravioleta aims to resew the fabric of a country that has endured hardship. By providing a space for artists to express their perspectives and engage with different social factions, the gallery promotes dialogue and understanding.

With a focus on supporting Guatemalan artists, Proyectos Ultravioleta has become a crucial platform for showcasing their work and amplifying their voices. The gallery's commitment to fostering dialogue through art has made a significant impact on the local art scene.

Sustaining Artists in Guatemala: Proyectos Ultravioleta's Business Model

Explore how Proyectos Ultravioleta's unique business model supports artists in Guatemala and enables them to reach a wider audience.

In a country where few people can afford fine art, Proyectos Ultravioleta has developed a business model that helps sustain the careers of artists. The gallery recognizes the importance of international exposure and actively participates in art fairs outside of Guatemala.

By attending prestigious events like Frieze London and ARCOmadrid, Proyectos Ultravioleta provides a platform for Guatemalan artists to showcase their work to a global audience. This exposure not only generates sales but also opens doors to collaborations and opportunities with international museums and institutions.

The gallery's success in selling art internationally has allowed them to reinvest in local artists whose work may be less commercially viable. This unique approach ensures that artists with important local perspectives can continue to create and contribute to the cultural fabric of Guatemala.

From Local to Global: Proyectos Ultravioleta's Expansion

Learn how Proyectos Ultravioleta has expanded its reach and become a regular presence at major international art events.

Since its debut at Frieze London in 2016, Proyectos Ultravioleta has gained recognition and expanded its reach beyond Guatemala. The gallery's participation in international art fairs has attracted attention from collectors, museums, and art enthusiasts worldwide.

With major sales to institutions like Tate Modern and a consistent presence at renowned art events, Proyectos Ultravioleta has established itself as a significant player in the global art scene. Foreign sales now account for a significant portion of the gallery's business, allowing them to continue supporting local artists.

Despite their international success, Proyectos Ultravioleta remains committed to their original mission of showcasing Guatemalan artists. They have expanded their roster to include artists from other places, creating a diverse and dynamic program that reflects the gallery's global outlook.

Art as a Catalyst for Change: Proyectos Ultravioleta's Impact

Discover the powerful works and artists that Proyectos Ultravioleta supports, who address social and political issues in Guatemala.

Proyectos Ultravioleta works closely with artists who tackle pressing social and political issues in Guatemala. Through their provocative and thought-provoking works, these artists act as catalysts for change and contribute to the country's ongoing dialogue.

Regina José Galindo

Regina José Galindo is known for her powerful performance pieces that address themes of violence and human rights. Her work, such as "La Sombra (The Shadow)," has sparked conversations about the cycle of military violence and the impact on individuals and society.

Jorge de León

Jorge de León's unconventional performances and visual art challenge corruption and foreign influences. His work, like "Swoosh," prompts discussions about consumerism and the influence of multinational corporations in Guatemala.

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, a painter and performance artist, explores his personal experiences and Guatemala's history in his work. His autobiographical pieces shed light on the impact of the civil war and the displacement of refugees, fostering empathy and understanding.

These artists, along with many others supported by Proyectos Ultravioleta, contribute to the rich artistic landscape of Guatemala and use their voices to address pressing social issues.


Proyectos Ultravioleta has emerged as a powerful force in the Guatemalan art scene, sustaining artists and fostering public dialogue through their unique approach. By providing a platform for artists to engage with social issues and advocate for equity, the gallery has resewn the fabric of a country that has faced immense hardship.

Through their international presence and business model, Proyectos Ultravioleta has not only supported local artists but also expanded their reach globally. Their impact extends beyond the art world, sparking conversations about social and political issues in Guatemala.

As Proyectos Ultravioleta continues to champion artists and their work, they serve as a beacon of hope and change in a country that has endured significant challenges. Their commitment to sustaining the voices and careers of artists is a testament to the transformative power of art.


What is Proyectos Ultravioleta's mission?

Proyectos Ultravioleta aims to sustain the voices and careers of artists in Guatemala and foster public dialogue through art.

How does Proyectos Ultravioleta support artists?

Proyectos Ultravioleta supports artists by developing a unique business model that includes participating in international art fairs and providing a platform for their work to reach a global audience.

What impact has Proyectos Ultravioleta made?

Proyectos Ultravioleta has made a significant impact on the Guatemalan art scene by amplifying the voices of artists addressing social and political issues. They have also expanded their reach globally and garnered attention from collectors and institutions worldwide.

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