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Welcome to Tokyo Node, an innovative space in the heart of Tokyo that merges art and technology to redefine human senses. In the extraordinary exhibition titled 'Syn: A New Horizon of Physical Sensations,' visitors are transported into a futuristic spaceship-like environment, surrounded by mesmerizing screens, dancers, and immersive sound. Join us as we explore the captivating blend of digital art, artificial intelligence, and dance that awaits at Tokyo Node.

Unveiling the Gateway to Sensory Wonderland

Step into Tokyo Node and experience the captivating room that serves as the gateway to the immersive sensory journey.

Immersed in a Futuristic Spaceship-Like Environment

As visitors proceed within Tokyo Node, they find themselves navigating through various immersive spaces that whisk them away into the realms of digital art. Screens, dancers, and 3D projections come together to create a unique fusion of creative notions that challenge our traditional perceptions.

Redefining Human Senses Through Art and Technology

Tokyo Node represents a melting pot of ideas and inspirations. It embodies the creators' vision to reconstruct human sensations through the interplay of art and technology. The digital art displays act as a canvas where artists and audiences converge, inspiring fresh perspectives and interpretations.

Tokyo Node Lab: Fostering Innovation in Digital Arts

Take a closer look at the innovative Tokyo Node Lab and its purpose in fostering collaboration within the realms of digital arts and AR/VR.

An Incubator for Forward-Thinking Creators and Companies

Nestled on the 45th floor of Tokyo Node, the Tokyo Node Lab provides a creative space where artists and companies can collaborate on groundbreaking digital art projects. From augmented reality experiences to volumetric video creations, the facility encourages pioneering approaches to explore various artistic mediums.

A Catalyst for Novel Urban Experiences

Through fostering collaborations between diverse industries, the Tokyo Node Lab aims to reshape urban experiences and content creation. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and breaking free from traditional constraints, the possibilities are virtually endless. Witness the birth of new creative frontiers.

Exploring the Boundaries of Creativity at Tokyo Node

Embark on an extraordinary sensory journey at Tokyo Node, where boundaries are pushed, and creativity knows no limits.

From 'Syn: A New Horizon of Physical Sensations' to Mika Ninagawa's Floral Symphonies

The debut exhibition at Tokyo Node, 'Syn: A New Horizon of Physical Sensations,' invites visitors to embark on an extraordinary sensory journey, starting from November 12. As the immersive experience draws to a close, Tokyo Node will prepare to usher in an enchanting exhibition by the renowned Japanese photographer and film director, Mika Ninagawa, themed around the vibrant world of flowers, starting December 5. Immerse yourself in the evolving art scene with Tokyo Node as your guide.

Redrawing the Boundaries of Human Experience

Tokyo Node represents more than just a digital art gallery; it symbolizes the fusion of art and urban space. It stands as a testament to our constant quest for new dimensions, pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible and blurring the lines between digital expressions and human emotions. With Tokyo Node as the catalyst, reimagine your idea of art and open yourself up to new horizons of human innovative senses that transcend traditional norms.


Tokyo Node is more than just an art gallery; it is a captivating fusion of art, technology, and human experience. Through its innovative exhibitions like 'Syn: A New Horizon of Physical Sensations,' Tokyo Node redefines our traditional notions of creativity and perception. It acts as a catalyst for collaborations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realms of digital arts and urban experiences.


What is the purpose of Tokyo Node Lab?

The Tokyo Node Lab serves as a dedicated space on the 45th floor of Tokyo Node, fostering collaborations between companies and artists in innovative digital art projects. It encourages the exploration of augmented reality experiences and volumetric video creations to create novel urban experiences and content.

When will Mika Ninagawa's exhibition start at Tokyo Node?

Mika Ninagawa's exhibition, focused on the theme of flowers, will open at Tokyo Node on December 5. It promises to offer a vibrant and enchanting artistic experience, showcasing the renowned Japanese photographer and film director's captivating work.

What sets Tokyo Node apart from other art galleries?

Tokyo Node stands out as a cutting-edge fusion of art, technology, and human experience. By blending digital art with AR/VR, it pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and challenges our traditional perceptions. Additionally, Tokyo Node serves as a dynamic space, fostering collaborations and reimagining urban experiences through the lens of creativity and technology.

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