TeamLab Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk: Immersive Digital Art Exhibition

Discover the captivating world of TeamLab's latest exhibition, Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk. Immerse yourself in a fusion of art, technology, and nature as you explore the picturesque shores of Lake Yamanaka. From interactive displays to enchanting illuminated portraits, this event promises a mesmerizing journey for all visitors. Mark your calendars from Oct. 27th to Nov. 12th for an unforgettable experience.

Immerse Yourself in a Digital Wonderland

Discover the transformative power of TeamLab's digital art displays

Step into a mesmerizing digital wonderland as you explore the immersive art displays brought to you by TeamLab's Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk event. Get ready to witness the crossroads of nature, technology, and creativity as TeamLab combines vivid colors, interactive exhibits, and mesmerizing illuminations.

Engage with the cutting-edge technology that responds to human touch and environmental influences, bringing art to life with each interaction. From the Autonomous Resonating Life display, featuring ovoid-shaped lights that glow and change colors upon touch, to the anonymous portraits adorning the trees, each exhibit offers a captivating experience.

A Symphony of Color and Movement

Delight in the interactive exhibits that respond to your presence

Enter a world where art merges seamlessly with your surroundings. Be enchanted by the symphony of color and movement as the exhibits of TeamLab's Walk, Walk, Walk invite you to participate in the artistic experience. Every step you take, every touch you make, becomes part of the interactive narrative.

Immerse yourself in the interactive installations that respond to your presence. Watch as light and color dance harmoniously with your movements, creating a unique sensorial journey. Dive into luminous digital ponds, walk through enchanted forests, and discover the magic of art blending with reality.

The Artistic Marvels of the Great Outdoors

Experience the harmony between art and nature

Prepare to be awestruck by the artistic wonders showcased amidst the natural beauty of Lake Yamanaka. TeamLab's Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk brilliantly combines digital art with the serene landscape, creating a harmonious balance between the man-made and the natural.

Meander through breathtaking trails adorned with illuminated portraits gracefully swaying in the breeze within the tranquil green oasis. Embrace the fusion of artistic installation and Lake Yamanaka's captivating shores, immersing yourself in a blend of colors, light, and nature that will leave you spellbound.

A Captivating and Immersive Exhibition

Embark on a journey of wonder and discovery

TeamLab's Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk exhibition promises to take you on an unforgettable journey of wonder and discovery. Every corner of Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park becomes a canvas for artistic expressions, captivating visitors with its awe-inspiring installations.

Immerse yourself in the multi-sensory experience as you wander through the exhibition. Let your curiosity guide you as you explore the interplay between light, color, and digital art. Discover hidden gems, interact with the artworks, and ignite your imagination in this captivating world created by TeamLab.


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of TeamLab's Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk exhibition. This captivating blend of art, technology, and nature offers a transformative experience that engages all your senses. Explore interactive art displays, witness the harmonious merging of color and movement, and be amazed by the artistic marvels showcased amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Yamanaka.

Embark on a journey of wonder and discovery as you delve into the immersive installations and allow yourself to become part of the narrative. TeamLab's Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk is a must-visit for art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a truly unforgettable experience.


Are the exhibits suitable for children?

Yes, the exhibit is suitable for visitors of all ages, including children. Children below school age can enjoy free admission.

How do I get to Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park?

Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park is conveniently accessible from the Yamanakako IC on the Higashi Fujigoko Road. On-site parking is available for visitors.

What are the event dates and timing?

The TeamLab Yamanakako Walk, Walk, Walk exhibition takes place from October 27th to November 12th, 2023. The timing for the event is from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

How much is the admission fee?

General admission for the exhibition is priced at ¥800. Children below school age can enter for free.

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