The Art Diary October 2023 - Rev Jonathan Evens

Welcome to a journey through the most captivating contemporary art exhibitions, where artistic expression meets innovation and creativity. Join me as we explore the vibrant works of talented artists, immerse ourselves in thought-provoking installations, and embrace the ever-evolving world of art. Get ready to unlock the beauty and richness of the contemporary art scene.

Exploring the World of Louis Carreon's Art

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of Louis Carreon's art as he reimagines classic art through a unique lens of sampling.

Step into The Arx and be transported into the immersive world of Louis Carreon's art. Inspired by art giants like El Greco and Caravaggio, Carreon brings a fresh perspective to their works through the spirit of hip-hop's homage and creation. His captivating storytelling captures the transformative power of creativity, taking you on a journey of redemption and inspiration.

As Carreon once said in an interview, 'Unless technology catches up and promotes awareness of the greats to young people, knowledge of them will be lost.' Discover how his art disrupts and modernizes the images of the art giants in a way that young people can relate to. Experience Carreon's unique vision at The Arx today.

Alexander de Cadenet: Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Art

Delve into the works of Alexander de Cadenet and discover the deep exploration of philosophical and spiritual questions in his sculptures.

The Key sculptures by Alexander de Cadenet showcased at The Arx provide a captivating insight into the interaction between art and spirituality. From 'Creation' to the thought-provoking Life-Burgers, explore the artist's investigation into the meaning of life and death, as well as the nature of human consciousness.

In a world where consumerism often overshadows spiritual contemplation, de Cadenet's sculptures challenge us to reflect on what truly gives our lives meaning. Experience the power of art to awaken deeper thoughts and emotions. Witness de Cadenet's extraordinary talent and his ability to provoke existential questions at The Arx today.

Hannah Rose Thomas: Portraits That Speak of Hope and Dignity

Discover the poignant and thought-provoking portraits of Hannah Rose Thomas, capturing the beauty and worth of each individual regardless of their background.

Step into the world of 'Ukraine: one year on' and be moved by the expressive and powerful portraits by Hannah Rose Thomas. Through her art, Thomas communicates the resilience and sacred value of the women she portrays, particularly those who have experienced immense suffering.

Thomas's use of gold leaf in her paintings symbolizes the restoration of dignity, transcending the stigma surrounding sexual violence. As she once said, 'The use of gold leaf for my paintings of Yezidi and Nigerian women is to show the sacred value of these women in spite of all that they have suffered.' Experience the transformative power of art as Thomas honors the stories and memories of those affected by conflict and displacement.

Christopher Clack: Where Material and Immaterial Collide

Enter the world of Christopher Clack, a multidisciplinary artist, and explore the fascinating connection between material and immaterial in his work.

Christopher Clack's unique artistic journey invites you to contemplate the relationship between imagination and reality. Delve into Clack's exploration of materiality, where his challenge is to infuse digital art with a sense of physicality and engage viewers on a deeper level.

Clack's artworks elicit a profound emotional response by pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums. Discover how contemporary art allows us to connect with our own experiences, creating a shared understanding of the world through engagement and interaction with the work. Find inspiration in Clack's ability to redefine the limitations of the digital medium at the International Original Print Exhibition.

John Craxton: A Colorful Journey Through Time

Witness the remarkable journey of John Craxton, from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated artist inspired by diverse sources such as Greek mythology and the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Pallant House Gallery presents a retrospective of John Craxton's work, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the artist's life and inspirations. Marvel at the evolution of Craxton's art, from melancholic images of poets in brooding landscapes to vibrant paintings and drawings influenced by the Mediterranean culture.

Immerse yourself in the world of Greek archaeology, mythology, and Byzantine mosaics, as Craxton skillfully weaves these elements into his artistic expressions. Experience the rich tapestry of color, history, and personal influences in Craxton's artworks, showcasing his close connections with iconic figures like Pablo Picasso and Lucian Freud.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Gareth Mason's Ceramic Art

Embark on a journey of discovery with Gareth Mason, a master potter whose artistic process challenges traditional notions of ceramics.

Step into the world of Gareth Mason's ceramics and witness firsthand the mesmerizing transformation of clay into extraordinary works of art. As a potter with over 35 years of experience, Mason's innovative approach breathes new life into the field of ceramics.

Marvel at the raw beauty created by combining traditional techniques with unexpected materials such as glass, metal, and shards of pottery. Explore Mason's carefully crafted surfaces, a testament to the nuanced individuality of clay, and his profound appreciation for the mysteries and wonders that the natural world holds. Experience the avant-garde brilliance of his works at Carpenters Workshop Gallery today.


As we come to the end of our journey through these captivating contemporary art exhibitions, we invite you to reflect upon the beauty and diversity of artistic expressions. Each artist we explored has brought their unique vision and perspective, igniting our imagination and sparking introspection.

From the thought-provoking works of Louis Carreon and Alexander de Cadenet to the poignant portraits by Hannah Rose Thomas, these exhibitions deepen our connection with the human experience and transcend barriers. Christopher Clack's exploration of the material and immaterial, along with John Craxton's timeless allure, remind us of the endless possibilities in the world of art. And, Gareth Mason's breathtaking ceramics serve as a testament to the boundless creativity that lies within.

We encourage you to seek out these exhibitions and immerse yourself in the transformative power of art. Take part in the conversations they inspire and discover your own connection to the stories, emotions, and ideas expressed through these remarkable artworks.


Q: What are some upcoming contemporary art exhibitions?

A: Some upcoming contemporary art exhibitions include 'Unveiled: Exploring the Human Experience Through Sculpture' at The Arx, 'Boundaries redefined: A Journey into the World of Contemporary Mixed Media' at Rachel Bebb Contemporary, and 'Harmonic Contrasts: Reflections on Light and Color' at Pallant House Gallery.

Q: How can I get more involved with the contemporary art scene?

A: There are numerous ways to get involved with the contemporary art scene. You can visit art galleries and museums, attend art events and exhibitions, join art appreciation groups or classes, and engage with artists and their works through social media and online platforms.

Q: Are there any workshops or events organized alongside these exhibitions?

A: Yes, many exhibitions often offer workshops, artist talks, and guided tours. Check the respective websites or contact the organizing institutions for more information on upcoming events and opportunities to engage with the artists and their works.

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