The Sleep of Reason: A Provocative and Captivating Sculpture Exhibition at Sawyer Yards

Welcome to The Sleep of Reason: a mesmerizing exhibition that transcends the boundaries of conventional art at Sawyer Yards. Prepare to be immersed in the thought-provoking world of sculpture and installation art as you venture through the colossal grain silos. Dive into the realms of talented artists who push the boundaries of creativity, embracing strange, disturbing, and surprisingly intriguing expressions. This exhibition challenges societal norms while offering moments of humor and profound reflection, inviting you to experience art in an unconventional and captivating way.

Immerse Yourself in an Unconventional Art Space

Step into the world of The Sleep of Reason and be transported to a one-of-a-kind art space that challenges traditional norms.

Escape the confines of traditional white cube galleries and delve into the dark and industrial grain silos at Sawyer Yards. These towering structures provide the backdrop for an immersive art experience like no other. Feel the raw energy as you explore the unconventional space, allowing the amalgamation of art and environment to ignite your senses.

Provocative Discoveries: Exploring Boundaries of Art

Embark on a journey of thought-provoking exploration as you encounter the boundary-pushing artworks featured in The Sleep of Reason.

The Sleep of Reason unleashes a delightful array of sculptures and installations that challenge societal norms and spark conversation. Enter the silos and witness the mind-bending creations of artists who seamlessly blend materials and mediums to craft visually captivating experiences.

From Frances Bagley's evocative photographs and video projections that question societal norms, to Jimmy Canales' mixed-media portraits that break societal boundaries with subtle interconnectedness, the exhibition pushes the boundaries of the expected. Step into a world where artists fearlessly explore the depths of their imagination.

Beyond Visuals: Engaging the Senses

Prepare to have your senses ignited as The Sleep of Reason transports you into a multi-sensory world of art.

Experience art in a whole new dimension as each artist incorporates other sensory elements into their work. Be greeted by immersive soundscapes that transport you to different realms. Allow the interplay of light and shadow to mesmerize your eyes. Engage your sense of touch as artworks blur the line between visual aesthetics and tactile experiences.

Nadin Nassar's installations take you into an ethereal experience, combining intricate objects with mesmerizing soundscapes that immerse you in an alternative reality. Sue Burke's fantastical light installations push the boundaries of perception, playing with color, movement, and the interplay of light to create a truly enchanting encounter.

Art About Nature: Reconnecting with the Innocence

Discover captivating sculptures that rekindle our connection to nature and invite contemplation on our role in a changing world.

Amidst the steel and concrete of the silos, surrender to the allure of nature as artists ingeniously blend sculptures and installations inspired by the natural world. Allow the juxtaposition of unconventional materials and organic forms to transport you to a space of reflection and contemplation.

Elizabeth Chapin's intricate sculptures, crafted meticulously with organic materials, beckon viewers to reconnect with nature in a world dominated by urban landscapes. Kris Pierce's dynamic light sculptures aim to kindle conversations about the interconnectedness of all living things. Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious amalgamation of art and the innocent beauty of nature.

From Angst to Hope: An Emotional Experience

Take a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the artists use their creations to address the complexities of the human experience.

Embark on a journey from deep introspection to optimistic reflection as the artwork at The Sleep of Reason transports you through an array of emotions. Let Kris Pierce's light sculptures evoke an introspective mood with their varying formations of shadows and light. Be moved by Jessica Kreutter's emotional exploration of society's impact on the human condition.

This exhibition offers a cathartic space for emotional release and self-reflection. ‘The Sleep of Reason’ aims to create an invitingly complex atmosphere. Throughout the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to respond and engage with the artwork, allowing for personal interpretations and a shared collective experience.

Endnote: Reflecting on Artistic Boldness

Indulge in the afterglow of the artful immersion, reflecting on the courage and vision of the artists who ventured beyond artistic boundaries.

As you leave The Sleep of Reason, take a moment to contemplate the power of art to challenge societal norms and evoke a range of emotion. The artwork exhibited in these dark, cylindrical silos pushes the boundaries of creativity, inviting viewers to engage critically. Step into the light, knowing that you have embraced an evolving artistic journey that dares to imagine.


The Sleep of Reason at Sawyer Yards offers a remarkable exploration of sculpture and installation art like never before. As visitors venture into the industrial silos, they are greeted with thought-provoking works that challenge societal norms and redefine traditional art experiences. From immersive soundscapes to captivating use of materials, this exhibition pushes boundaries and invites viewers to engage with art in a multi-sensory and emotionally charged environment.

The Sleep of Reason reminds us of the power of art to evoke deep introspection, reconnect with nature, and ignite conversations. It is a testament to the unwavering creativity and boldness of the artists whose works grace the silos. As we reflect on the exhibition, let us carry with us the excitement of art that transcends conventional norms and provides glimpses into new perspectives and possibilities.


Can children visit The Sleep of Reason exhibition?

Absolutely! The Sleep of Reason invites visitors of all ages to explore the world of sculpture and installation art. However, some installations may contain mature content or use sensory effects that might not be suitable for very young children.

Is there a fee to enter the exhibition?

Admission to The Sleep of Reason exhibition at Sawyer Yards is free, offering everyone the opportunity to experience the thought-provoking world of sculpture and installation art.

Is photography allowed within the exhibition space?

Yes, visitors are welcome to take photographs within the exhibition space. Capture and share the captivating artworks, allowing others to experience The Sleep of Reason through your lens. However, please be mindful of any specific guidelines regarding photography for certain installations.

Does The Sleep of Reason offer guided tours or artist talks?

Sculpture Month Houston organizes curator and artist-led tours, providing unique insights into the artworks and creative processes. Check their website or social media accounts for updates and schedules on guided tours, as well as engaging artist talks and panel discussions.

How can I support the artists showcased in The Sleep of Reason exhibition?

Supporting artists is crucial to their continued artistic endeavors. Show your support by purchasing artworks, attending their solo exhibitions, following their social media platforms, and spreading the word about their incredible contributions. Together, we can foster a vibrant and supportive art community.

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