Ukrainian Students Find Welcome and Inspiration at UNI's Exhibition

Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of eight Ukrainian students, who found solace and acceptance far away from their war-torn homeland at the University of Northern Iowa's exhibition featuring poignant artwork by Scott Ross.

Discovering a Second Home at UNI's Exhibition

Experience the heartwarming journey of these eight Ukrainian students discovering a sense of belonging and support far away from their war-torn homeland.

At the UNI Gallery of Art, the powerful charcoal on linen artwork by Scott Ross serves as a backdrop to a heartwarming tale of resilience and growth. These exceptional students, who faced crisis and uncertainty, are thriving academically and finding solace in their newfound home of UNI.

Coming from a war-torn country seemed unimaginable, yet here they are, bonded by their experiences and a shared environment that fosters support and awareness. In this haven of art and compassion, they can raise their voice and shed light on the struggles faced by their fellow countrymen.

Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty

Explore the adversity faced by these Ukrainian students, who left their country in crisis to seek a brighter future at UNI.

For these courageous individuals, the decision to leave their home behind with the outbreak of war was not an easy one. The fear of losing their sense of belonging was palpable, but their determination outweighed every doubt that crept into their minds.

Imagine finding yourself uprooted from your familiar surroundings with no certainty of when you can return. How has this experience shaped their identities and altered their perspectives? Let us delve into their stories and delve beyond their struggles on the surface.

A Remarkable Resilience at UNI

Witness the remarkable resilience displayed by these students as they embrace their new academic and personal lives at UNI.

Despite the displacement and anxiety, these remarkable students courageously pursue their dreams at the University of Northern Iowa. United in their pursuit of education, they have embraced the opportunity to nourish their minds.

Each student has an incredible story to tell, either similar or vastly different, as they strive for growth and impact both on and off campus. Let us gain insight into their unique experiences, the obstacles they have overcome, and the bright futures they aspire to create.

Impact and Inspire

Uncover the remarkable response towards these students' exhibition, which aims to raise awareness and support for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

This exhibition, featuring Scott Ross' thought-provoking charcoal creations, stands not only as emotionally impacting artwork but as a platform to create change and instill compassion in our hearts.

Although physically distanced from their homeland, the students' intellectual and emotional connection to Ukraine continues to fuel their drive to raise awareness. The exhibition leaves an indelible mark on those who witness it, empowering them to contribute, extend support, and spread the message to the wider community.

UNI: Embracing Diversity and Unity

Discover UNI's unwavering commitment to embracing diversity and nurturing an inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.

The warm reception these Ukrainian students have received at UNI is a testament to the university's dedication to diversity and inclusiveness. They have been welcomed with open arms, creating a sense of belonging and support uncommon in many places.

UNI has cultivated an environment where the passion for academic pursuits blends seamlessly with fostering empathy, understanding, and an international perspective. The shared knowledge and experiences of these students from Ukraine contribute an invaluable richness to the vibrant tapestry of UNI community.

Embracing Differences: A Catalyst for Growth

When individuals from diverse backgrounds come together in unity and mutual respect, transformative learning experiences unfold. At UNI, Ukrainian students simultaneously debunk stereotypes, deepening their understanding of America and its citizens. Likewise, their American peers gain firsthand exposure to a culture and experiences distinct from their own, fostering empathy, effectively building bridges of compassion one student at a time.

Shaping the Global Leaders of Tomorrow

An environment enriched with diverse perspectives offers a springboard for growth, imagination, and the fostering of the next generation of global thought leaders. These Ukrainian students, armed with their unique stories, will undoubtedly reshape the world with their spirited contributions – embracing interconnectedness, fostering peace, and surging forward towards intellectual excellence and global understanding.

A Second Home and Endless Possibilities

Witness the transformation of these students who found more than just a university but a second home where immense possibilities abound.

Beyond the classroom walls, friendships fattened by empathy and support are cultivated. They share laughter, hardship, and moments of realization together, creating timeless bonds that marker their journey at UNI.

No longer just students, their rich experiences and impressive resilience have metamorphosed them into advocates for change, ambassadors for Ukraine embodiment beauty that stems from diversity.


Through the UNI exhibition and the warm reception they received, these eight Ukrainian students have found a second home and a supportive community at the University of Northern Iowa. The resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit they have shown in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.

As we embrace diversity and inclusivity, UNI has provided an environment that nurtures growth, cultural exchange, and empathy. These remarkable students have not only enriched the university community but have also ignited a spark of awareness and support for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

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