Unleashing the Magic of Whimsical Murals: Mitchell's Artistic Transformation

From the moment Jessica Callies picked up a paint brush, her mission was clear: to create art that brings smiles and happiness. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of Mitchell's whimsical murals, where vibrant colors and playful designs have captured the hearts of the community.

Spreading Smiles Through Whimsical Murals

Discover the artist's mission to bring joy through her vibrant murals

From the moment Jessica Callies picked up a paint brush, her mission was clear: to create art that brings smiles and happiness. Her whimsical murals, filled with vibrant colors and playful designs, have become a source of joy for the community.

With a passion for what she calls 'happy art,' Callies has connected with people who are drawn to her positive and uplifting style. Her latest masterpiece on a Main Street building has transformed a once plain gray wall into a popular spot for senior pictures and a lure for customers of Nepstad's Flowers & Gifts.

But it's not just about the visual appeal. Callies' murals have a deeper purpose - to spread happiness and create a sense of wonder. Each brushstroke is carefully chosen to evoke emotions and ignite the imagination.

The Impact of Callies' Main Street Masterpiece

Explore the transformative power of her mural on the community

The impact of Callies' Main Street mural has been nothing short of extraordinary. What was once a plain gray wall has now become a vibrant and captivating work of art that draws people in.

Community members have been captivated by the whimsical plants and brightly colored flowers that adorn the wall of Nepstad's Flowers & Gifts. The mural has become a popular backdrop for senior pictures and has even sparked an influx of customers for the flower business.

Owner Renee Polreis was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback and the increased attention her business has received. The mural has become a symbol of joy and has brought a renewed sense of vibrancy to the north edge of Main Street.

Igniting a Creative Revolution in Mitchell

Join the movement to embrace art and creativity in the community

Callies' artistic endeavors extend beyond her own murals. As a member of the Mitchell Area Council for the Arts, she is passionate about fostering a community that embraces art and creativity.

Together with other local artists, Callies is organizing an event at The Back 40 that will showcase a gallery of local artwork and feature live performances by talented musicians. The goal is to inspire people of all ages and skill levels to explore their creative side and appreciate the beauty of art.

By coming together and celebrating art, Mitchell can ignite a creative revolution that will bring more color, joy, and inspiration to the community.


Jessica Callies' whimsical murals have brought a touch of magic to Mitchell, spreading smiles and joy throughout the community. Her vibrant and playful designs have transformed plain walls into captivating works of art, creating a sense of wonder and inspiring creativity.

Through her Main Street masterpiece and her involvement in the Mitchell Area Council for the Arts, Callies is igniting a creative revolution, encouraging people of all ages and skill levels to embrace art and explore their own creative potential. Mitchell is experiencing a renaissance of color, vibrancy, and artistic expression.

Join the movement and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of whimsical murals. Let the colors and designs transport you to a place of joy and wonder, and discover the transformative power of art in your own life.

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