Unveiling the Must-See Galleries at ArtVilnius '23

ArtVilnius '23, the prestigious art fair, is set to captivate art enthusiasts with its carefully curated selection of galleries. This year's edition, held at the Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius, embraces the theme of performativity. Join me, Emily Miller, as I guide you through a captivating journey, highlighting nine galleries that you simply cannot miss. From experimental spaces to contemporary art powerhouses, these galleries will showcase the innovative and thought-provoking works of talented artists from Lithuania and beyond.

5 Malūnai: Where Art and Performance Collide

Discover the experimental gallery at the Vilnius Academy of Arts showcasing the works of lecturers who explore performance art.

Located at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, 5 Malūnai is not your typical gallery. It serves as a platform for VAA students to explore their artistic ideas and projects. During ArtVilnius '23, this experimental space will present the works of four esteemed artists who are also lecturers at VAA. Česlovas Lukenskas, Laima Kreivytė, Dainius Liškevičius, and Monika Dirsyte will captivate visitors with their creative practices that revolve around or incorporate elements of performance art.

Curated by the renowned artist and VAA professor, Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė, the gallery's stand, titled 'Four Corners', offers a unique and immersive experience. As you explore the VAA New building, make sure to immerse yourself in the thought-provoking works showcased at 5 Malūnai.

Māksla XO: Showcasing Latvian Contemporary Art

Discover the vibrant contemporary art gallery in Riga, Latvia, known for its focus on Latvian artists and international collaborations.

Māksla XO, located in the heart of Riga, is a gallery dedicated to promoting contemporary Latvian art. With around fifteen exhibitions annually, this gallery showcases the works of both established and emerging Latvian artists. Their trademark styles have gained recognition not only in Latvia but also on the international art scene.

In addition to supporting local talent, Māksla XO collaborates with foreign museums and cultural institutions to produce ambitious international projects. By fostering collaborations with artists from Ireland, the Netherlands, and other countries, the gallery continues to expand the horizons of Latvian art. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the dynamic and diverse works at Māksla XO during ArtVilnius '23.

Tütar Gallery: Elevating Estonian Artists

Experience the vibrant gallery in Tallinn, Estonia, dedicated to showcasing young Estonian artists and raising the standards of art management.

Tütar Gallery, founded in Tallinn, Estonia, aims to provide a platform for young Estonian artists to showcase their works. With a commitment to promoting emerging talent, the gallery offers free admission to all its exhibitions, allowing the public to engage with contemporary art.

Not only does Tütar Gallery curate a vibrant program of events and exhibitions, but it also strives to elevate the standards of professional art management in Estonia. By participating in art fairs and collaborating with cultural institutions, Tütar Gallery is putting Estonian artists on the international map. Be sure to visit their stand at ArtVilnius '23 and discover the captivating works of Katrin Piile, a young Estonian artist known for her paintings, drawings, and performance art.

Meno Niša: Pushing Boundaries of Contemporary Lithuanian Art

Explore the Vilnius-based gallery known for its focus on installations, performance art, and collaborations with international artists.

Meno Niša, situated in the historic old town of Vilnius, is a contemporary art gallery that offers a platform for both emerging and established artists. Known for its exhibitions centered around installations, performance art, and new media, Meno Niša pushes the boundaries of contemporary Lithuanian art.

With a mission to popularize Lithuanian art on foreign markets, Meno Niša collaborates with international artists, galleries, and cultural institutions. Their presence at various European art fairs has helped Lithuanian artists gain international recognition. At ArtVilnius '23, Meno Niša will showcase the captivating works of Gustas Jagminas, Rūta Katiliūtė, Jolanta Kyzikaitė, Monika Plentauskaitė, and Jurgis Tarabilda. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and thought-provoking art at Meno Niša.

Kaunas Photography Gallery: Exploring the Art of Photography

Discover one of the largest and most highly regarded photography galleries in the Baltic region, showcasing traditional and conceptual camera-based art.

Founded in 1979, Kaunas Photography Gallery is a renowned exhibition space dedicated to exploring the art of photography. As one of the largest and most highly regarded galleries in the Baltic region, it showcases the works of Baltic photographers, bridging the gap between traditional and conceptual camera-based art.

With a rich program of exhibitions, the gallery introduces Baltic photographers to local and international audiences. Through various industry events, research, publications, and events like lectures and workshops, Kaunas Photography Gallery plays a vital role in advancing the field of photography. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of camera-based art at ArtVilnius '23.

Baroti Gallery: A Pioneer of Private Art Galleries in Lithuania

Explore the well-established cultural institution in Klaipėda, Lithuania, known for its diverse exhibitions and collaborations with foreign institutions.

Founded in 1992, Baroti Gallery is one of the first private art galleries in Lithuania and a well-established cultural institution in Klaipėda. With around fifteen exhibitions annually, the gallery curates a diverse program of events ranging from art performances to chamber concerts and book presentations.

Despite the relatively smaller art market in Klaipėda, Baroti Gallery enjoys an excellent reputation and serves as an important career step for many artists. By collaborating with foreign cultural institutions and participating in European art fairs, the gallery presents contemporary Lithuanian artists to a wide international audience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Klaipėda at ArtVilnius '23.

Artifex: Redefining Contemporary Textile Art

Discover the Vilnius-based gallery and studio dedicated to contemporary textile art and its innovative forms of creative expression.

Artifex, a small gallery and studio affiliated with the Vilnius Academy of Arts, focuses on redefining contemporary textile art. With a mission to rediscover this medium in new and unexpected forms and contexts, Artifex showcases the dialogue between new ideas and learned craftsmanship.

As an active participant in the Vilnius arts and culture scene, Artifex presents sculptures and installations by talented artists such as Marija Šnipaitė, Indrė Milašiūtė, and Aurelija Maknytė. Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary textile art and witness the innovative expressions at ArtVilnius '23.

Shcherbenko Art Centre: Challenging Societal Norms through Art

Experience the Kyiv-based art centre promoting social change and interdisciplinary projects by Ukrainian artists.

Located in Kyiv, the Shcherbenko Art Centre is a hub for social change through art. With a focus on interdisciplinary projects, this centre showcases the works of Ukrainian artists exploring themes relevant to today's society.

Through exhibitions, research, discussions, presentations, and workshops, the Shcherbenko Art Centre fosters a dialogue between the art world and the general public. By presenting exhibitions both locally and internationally, the centre introduces contemporary Ukrainian culture to a global audience. Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking works of Ukrainian artists at ArtVilnius '23.

Georg Kargl Fine Arts: Pushing Boundaries of Contemporary Art in Vienna

Discover the Vienna-based gallery known for showcasing innovative international artists and their diverse range of media.

Georg Kargl Fine Arts, operating across three locations in Vienna, is a gallery dedicated to promoting innovative international artists. With a focus on performances, installations, and 3D-generated art, this gallery offers a platform for artists to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

By encouraging dialogue with art collectors, critics, and curators, Georg Kargl Fine Arts supports the artists' visions and fosters collaborations. With their participation in art fairs and biennials, the gallery continues to make a mark in the art world. At ArtVilnius '23, don't miss the collaborative video installation 'Two-Headed Horse' by Sam Samiee and Agnieszka Polska, which promises to captivate and challenge your perception of art.


ArtVilnius '23 promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking event, showcasing the vibrant and innovative works of artists from Lithuania and beyond. From experimental galleries to well-established institutions, the diverse range of galleries at the fair offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art.

Whether you're drawn to performance art, photography, or interdisciplinary projects, ArtVilnius '23 has something for everyone. Don't miss the chance to explore these galleries and discover the captivating narratives and expressions of talented artists. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and captivated by the power of art.

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