With a Dazzling Work by Martin Puryear, Storm King Looks Ahead

Experience the mesmerizing world of Martin Puryear's sculptural marvels as Storm King Art Center unveils his breathtaking amorphous brick installation. Delve into the intricacies of his work and witness the institution's visionary plans for enhancements to enrich visitor experiences and honor exhibiting artists.

Unveiling Martin Puryear's Amorphous Brick Installation

Witness the captivating sculpture that transcends simplistic categorization

Martin Puryear, renowned New York-based sculptor and artistic genius, has recently unveiled his latest creation at Storm King Art Center. The enigmatic amorphous brick installation pushes the boundaries of traditional sculpture, blurring the lines between architecture and art. Crafted with the ancient technique of Nubian vaulting, the structure greets visitors with its extraordinary shape and cathedral-like pitch.

Enter Puryear's architectural wonder and become immersed in a realm unlike any other. With 90 circular openings carefully placed, one feels compelled to peek inside and discover the secrets that lie within, perhaps catching a glimpse into an alternate dimension or a vision of the artist's imagination.

Exploring Puryear's Artistic Journey

Tracing the remarkable path of an acclaimed sculptor

Deeply rooted in African American history and known for his mastery in balancing abstract and representational elements, Martin Puryear has made a significant impact on the art world. His illustrious career includes prestigious accolades such as the Medal of Arts in 2011 and representing the United States at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.

Through exhibitions at renowned institutions like MoMA, the National Gallery of Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Puryear's sculptures have become revered for their profound storytelling, evoking diverse emotions and capturing the essence of human spirit. Experience the evolution of this master sculptor's artistry through a profound lens.

Discovering Storm King's Vision for the Future

Immerse yourself in an upcoming transformationary expansion

A journey to Storm King Art Center goes beyond admiring art in nature; it is now embracing a transformative vision for the future. With an imminent spring in 2024, Storm King is embarking on a vast capital project intended to elevate its status as a center for artistic innovation and inspiration.

The ambitious expansion includes plans to add 12 acres of exhibition space, establish a dedicated facility for sculpture maintenance and repair, and even ensure modern conveniences like easily accessible indoor plumbing. The aims of this project mirror Storm King's vision as a place that continually strives to serve the public as well as provide a space for artists to thrive and express themselves fully.

Are you excited to witness the forthcoming metamorphosis of one of the world's most prominent sculpture parks?


Martin Puryear's amorphous brick installation at Storm King Art Center is a testament to the captivating and thought-provoking nature of contemporary art. By pushing the boundaries of traditional sculpture and inviting viewers to engage with the piece on a deeper level, Puryear has once again demonstrated his artistic genius.

As Storm King Art Center continues to evolve and ensure its position as a leading institution for artistic innovation, the future looks bright. The planned renovations, including additional exhibition space and enhanced facilities, will provide greater opportunities for artists to showcase their work and offer visitors an unparalleled experience in engaging with art.

Embark on a journey to Storm King Art Center and immerse yourself in the world of Martin Puryear's captivating installation, where art and architecture intertwine to create a truly unforgettable experience.


What is the significance of the circular openings in Puryear's amorphous brick installation?

The circular openings in Puryear's installation not only add to the visual intrigue of the piece but also create an illusion of peering into another universe. They invite viewers to engage with the artwork, prompting contemplation and stimulating the imagination.

How does Puryear's installation reflect African American history?

Throughout his career, Puryear has explored themes of shelter and African American history in his artworks. While not explicitly stated, his use of the ancient Nubian vaulting technique in the brick installation could be seen as a reference to the storied history of African architecture and craftsmanship.

What are some other notable sculptures by Martin Puryear?

Martin Puryear has created numerous notable sculptures throughout his career. Some of his notable works include 'Ladder for Booker T. Washington' at the National Gallery of Art, 'Big Bling' in Madison Square Park, and 'Shackled' at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. Each artwork embodies his commitment to storytelling and the exploration of form.

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