Celebrating Northern Ireland's Punk Era Figures Through Street Art

In Northern Ireland, the punk era figures are being honored and celebrated through captivating street art. From the recreation of The Undertones' iconic album cover in Londonderry to the homage to Terri Hooley, the 'godfather of punk,' in Belfast, these vibrant murals capture the essence of a musical movement that left an indelible mark on the region. Join us as we delve into the stories behind these artworks and the cultural heritage they represent.

The Undertones: Immortalizing a Punk Legacy

Discover the vibrant mural in Londonderry that pays tribute to The Undertones, one of Northern Ireland's most successful punk bands.

The Undertones mural in Londonderry city centre is a vibrant homage to the iconic punk band's debut album, released 45 years ago. Painted by Karl Porter of UV Arts, the mural recreates the cover of their eponymous album, capturing the spirit of rebellion and energy that defined their music.

Standing tall on Castle Street, the mural serves as a visual reminder of The Undertones' significant contribution to the punk music scene in Northern Ireland. The attention to detail and artistic skill showcased in this artwork make it a must-see for fans of the band and street art enthusiasts alike.

Terri Hooley: The Godfather of Punk

Explore the mural in Belfast dedicated to Terri Hooley, the influential figure who championed Northern Ireland's punk music scene.

The Terri Hooley mural in Belfast pays tribute to the man often referred to as the 'godfather of punk' in Northern Ireland. Located at the site of his original Good Vibrations record shop, the mural overlooks the place where Hooley invited The Undertones to record their debut EP.

Terri Hooley's passion for punk music and his role in promoting local bands during the Troubles are immortalized in this vibrant artwork. Created by a team of talented artists, including Zippy, Not Pop, Alana McDowell, Rob Hilken, and Peaball, the mural captures the rebellious spirit and cultural significance of Hooley's contributions to the music scene.

A Journey Through Punk History

Take a trip back in time as you explore the vibrant street art that celebrates Northern Ireland's punk era.

Walking through the streets of Londonderry and Belfast, you'll encounter a visual journey through the punk history of Northern Ireland. From The Undertones mural to the Terri Hooley tribute, these artworks serve as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the punk movement during challenging times.

Each mural tells a story, capturing the essence of the era and the impact of punk music on the cultural landscape. As you explore these vibrant artworks, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the artists, the music, and the rebellious spirit that continues to inspire generations.


Street art has become a powerful medium for celebrating the punk era figures in Northern Ireland. The vibrant murals in Londonderry and Belfast pay homage to The Undertones and Terri Hooley, capturing the rebellious spirit and cultural significance of the punk movement.

These artworks not only showcase the artistic talent of the creators but also serve as a reminder of the impact that music and art can have on a community. They provide a visual journey through punk history, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore the cultural heritage of Northern Ireland.

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