Colorado Arts Spotlight: Veterans Day Celebrations and Cultural Offerings

Welcome to the Colorado Arts Spotlight, where we highlight the diverse arts and cultural happenings in the state. This week, we have a range of exciting events lined up, including Veterans Day celebrations and immersive art exhibitions. Join us as we explore the vibrant arts scene in Colorado and honor our veterans through various artistic expressions.

Honoring Veterans with Glass Luminaria

Experience a breathtaking display of glass luminaria to commemorate Veterans Day.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial pays tribute to the brave men and women who have served our country with a stunning display of glass luminaria. Each evening, the grass surrounding the memorial is adorned with 6,218 glowing lanterns, symbolizing the Coloradans who have made the ultimate sacrifice since the state's inception.

This immersive installation serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our veterans and allows visitors to reflect on the significance of Veterans Day. Don't miss this opportunity to pay your respects and experience the beauty of the glass luminaria.

Art and Culture Stroll in Loveland

Embark on an evening stroll through Loveland, filled with art, culture, and entertainment.

Looking for a night filled with art, culture, and entertainment? Look no further than Loveland's Night on the Town. On the second Friday of every month, art galleries and businesses open their doors for an evening of exploration and celebration.

Enjoy free entry to main gallery exhibits, engage in interactive activities, and indulge in delicious food and craft beer tastings. The streets come alive with live music, sales, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking for a fun night out, Loveland's Night on the Town has something for everyone.

Unpredictable Theater Experience in Ouray

Witness a comedic twist on a classic play with a unique casting concept.

Prepare to be entertained and surprised by a one-of-a-kind theater experience in Ouray. The town's historic Wright Opera House presents a comedic adaptation of the fifteenth-century morality play, Everyman.

What sets this production apart is the unpredictable casting concept. Before each show, the lead actor is chosen at random from the cast, adding an element of spontaneity and excitement to each performance. Get ready for a night of laughter, unexpected twists, and outstanding talent at the Wright Opera House.

Patriotic Symphony Performance in Denver

Immerse yourself in a captivating symphony performance honoring the military's enduring spirit.

Join the Colorado Symphony for a stirring symphony performance that pays tribute to the military's enduring spirit. Under the baton of conductor Wilbur Lin, the symphony will perform a selection of patriotic songs, including the beloved "Armed Forces Salute," "Stars and Stripes Forever," and "God Bless America."

Experience the power of music as it honors our veterans and instills a sense of pride and unity. The concert will be held at the iconic Boettcher Concert Hall in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, providing a fitting backdrop for this unforgettable evening.

Intimate Storytelling through Letters in Denver

Delve into a heartfelt production that tells a story through the art of letter writing.

Curious Theatre in Denver presents a captivating production that explores the power of communication through letters. The play, which runs through December 9th, weaves together a collection of letters exchanged between strangers, friends, daughters, and lovers.

Through these intimate correspondences, the audience is taken on a journey of distance, connection, loss, and love. Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling as Curious Theatre brings these heartfelt letters to life on stage.

Festivities and Remembrance on Veterans Day

Celebrate Veterans Day with a festival, parade, and other events in Denver.

Denver comes alive on Veterans Day with a series of festivities and remembrance events. Start your day with a 5k or 10k fun run, followed by a vibrant parade through City Park.

The parade pays tribute to the different conflicts the United States has fought in, featuring period uniforms, vehicles, and memorabilia. It's a unique opportunity to honor our veterans and learn about our nation's history. The festival in City Park offers a range of activities, food, and live entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Join the community in expressing gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans on this special day.

Powerful Stories of Transgender and Non-Binary Leaders

Experience the world premiere of Motus Theater's powerful production featuring transgender and non-binary leaders.

Boulder's Motus Theater presents a groundbreaking production that amplifies the voices of transgender and non-binary leaders. This world premiere performance showcases a collection of autobiographical monologues, accompanied by internationally acclaimed violinist and mezzo-soprano Tona Brown.

Prepare to be moved by the personal stories and experiences shared on stage, as these courageous individuals shed light on their journeys and the challenges they have faced. The performances, held at eTown Hall, offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into the lives of transgender and non-binary individuals and foster understanding and empathy.

Multi-Sensory Art Exhibition in Littleton

Explore an innovative art exhibition that engages multiple senses and perspectives.

Discover a truly immersive art experience at the Colorado Center for the Blind and ACC Art Students' collaborative exhibition. This multi-sensory showcase features a diverse range of artworks, including installations, ceramics, and mixed media.

Visitors are encouraged to engage with the art not only visually but also through touch and sound, creating a unique and inclusive experience. This exhibition challenges traditional notions of art appreciation and invites attendees to explore art from different perspectives.

Don't miss the closing reception on November 18th, where you can meet the artists and delve deeper into the inspiration behind their creations.


As we wrap up our exploration of the Colorado arts scene this week, we have witnessed the power of art to honor and celebrate our veterans. From the mesmerizing glass luminaria at the Colorado Freedom Memorial to the thought-provoking theater productions and symphony performances, the arts have provided a platform for remembrance and gratitude.

We have also experienced the diversity and innovation of the arts in Colorado, from the immersive exhibitions that engage multiple senses to the intimate storytelling through letters. These cultural offerings have enriched our understanding of the world and fostered connections within our community.

As you venture out to explore the arts in Colorado, remember to support local artists and organizations who continue to bring creativity and inspiration to our lives. Let the arts be a source of joy, reflection, and connection as we navigate the world together.

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