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Welcome to an exploration of installation art, where vibrant colors, captivating designs, and immersive experiences converge. As an avid enthusiast and experienced content writer in the art world, I am thrilled to guide you through the transformative power that installation art holds. Get ready to be captivated and inspired as we embark on this immersive journey together.

The Origins of My Passion for Visual Art

Discover the journey that led me to pursue a career in visual art and the pivotal moment that solidified my passion.

From a young age, I was drawn to artistic activities. Whether it was experimenting with ceramics or using any object I found to draw on paper, walls, or toys, my curiosity for creative expression was insatiable.

As I grew older, I explored various artistic fields, such as animation, caricature, illustration, and comics. However, it was the freedom to create on my own terms that ultimately drew me towards visual arts.

After working for companies as a designer and illustrator, I realized that following someone else's orders stifled my creativity. This realization propelled me towards a path dedicated to exploring visual arts and embracing the constant learning it entails.

Unveiling the Creative Process and Inspirations

Gain insights into my creative process and the emotions and concepts that inspire my abstract paintings.

My recent work is strongly influenced by Latin American geometric art, Brazilian concretism, and modern national constructivism. Building on this legacy, I reinterpret these styles in the context of our contemporary world and the ruptures we experience in our lives and societies.

Repetition, movement, transformation, and the boundaries between the interior and exterior are visible concerns in my works. I constantly experiment with different materials, formats, and techniques to expand the dialogue between form and meaning.

Embarking on the Creation of New Paintings and Sculptures

Explore my approach to starting the creative process for new paintings and sculptures, and the importance of experimentation and selectivity.

My creative process begins when I embark on a specific project, focusing on installations of paintings rather than individual pieces. During the expansive phase, I conduct experiments with different materials, formats, and techniques, allowing myself to explore without limits.

In the selective phase, I evaluate these experiments and choose the ones that best convey the themes and questions I want to explore. Sketching and painting, both manually and digitally, play essential roles in shaping the individual pieces that become part of a bigger system of artworks.

Unraveling the Story of 'Screen XXIIINY f'

Delve into the details of the artwork 'Screen XXIIINY f,' its inspiration, and the execution of its creation.

'Screen XXIIINY f' is the largest painting in my exhibition, 'Screen I.' It requires meticulous attention and dedication due to its size and the complex texture it embodies.

This artwork experiments with the multiplication of screens, inspired by the visual manifestation of a critical error and a 'frozen' screen in software. The deliberate absence of color enhances the overall message, as black represents the neutral state of a turned-off screen and symbolizes the endless array of meanings.

The Role of Color Palette in Enhancing Artistic Expression

Discover the significance of color palette and its role in amplifying the emotional impact of artworks.

The choice of colors in my artworks is rooted in the digital world and the visual language of screens. Black, in particular, represents the static and neutral state of a screen, while also symbolizing the sum of all pigment colors.

Black, with its deep and evocative nature, invites viewers to reflect on the symbolic meanings it holds. The absence of color, in contrast to vibrant hues, adds a sense of depth and intensity to the overall composition, enhancing the emotional impact of the artwork.

Upcoming Projects and Exciting Prospects

Get a glimpse of the upcoming projects and the excitement surrounding my participation in the Untitled Art Fair.

I am currently working on the production for my solo booth at the Untitled Art Fair, titled 'Critical Error.' This exhibition will be a further evolution of the themes explored in my current show, offering a new audience the opportunity to experience my art.

Participating in the Untitled Art Fair is a significant milestone for me, as it allows me to showcase my work to a broader audience and engage with art enthusiasts. I am eager to see their reactions and feedback, as their perspectives will contribute to my continuous growth and learning as an artist.


Exploring the world of installation art has been an exhilarating journey, filled with vibrant colors, captivating designs, and immersive experiences. Through this article, we have delved into the transformative power of installation art and the creative process behind it. From the origins of my passion for visual art to the intricate details of 'Screen XXIIINY f,' we have witnessed the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

As I continue to embark on new projects and participate in exciting prospects like the Untitled Art Fair, I am eager to push the boundaries of my art practice and connect with a wider audience. Installation art, with its ability to provoke emotions and challenge perspectives, remains a powerful medium that inspires and captivates us.

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