Discover the Exciting Events Happening in El Dorado This Week

Welcome to El Dorado, where a vibrant array of events awaits you this week. From the CDP Brangus annual fall production cattle auction to an art lecture on French artist Henri Matisse, and the Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony, there's something for everyone. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture and festive spirit of El Dorado as we dive into the details of these exciting events.

CDP Brangus Annual Fall Production Cattle Auction

Experience the excitement of the CDP Brangus annual fall production cattle auction

Get ready for a thrilling event at Draggin' M Ranch with the CDP Brangus annual fall production cattle auction. This highly anticipated auction showcases the finest cattle in the region, providing an opportunity for buyers and sellers to come together and make valuable connections.

Witness the impressive display of livestock as breeders present their top-quality Brangus cattle. Whether you're a seasoned cattle rancher or simply curious about the industry, this auction promises to be an educational and engaging experience.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of the CDP Brangus annual fall production cattle auction. Immerse yourself in the world of cattle ranching and witness the passion and dedication of breeders as they showcase their prized animals.

Art Talk with Gay Bechtelheimer

Delve into the world of art with a captivating lecture on French artist Henri Matisse

Join artist Gay Bechtelheimer at the South Arkansas Arts Center for an enlightening lecture on the life and works of renowned French artist Henri Matisse. Discover the inspirations behind Matisse's vibrant and revolutionary art, as Bechtelheimer takes you on a journey through his career.

Explore Matisse's use of color, form, and composition, and gain a deeper understanding of his artistic techniques. Bechtelheimer's expertise and passion for art will bring Matisse's masterpieces to life, allowing you to appreciate the artist's contributions to the art world.

Immerse yourself in the world of Matisse and experience the joy and beauty of his art. This Art Talk is a must-attend event for art enthusiasts, students, and anyone curious about the fascinating world of fine art.

Prayer Vigil for Ieshia Jackson

Come together in solidarity at the prayer vigil for missing woman Ieshia Jackson

Join the community at the prayer vigil held in honor of Ieshia Jackson, a missing woman who has touched the hearts of many. This gathering aims to provide support, comfort, and hope for her safe return.

By coming together in solidarity, we can show our support for Ieshia and her loved ones during this difficult time. The prayer vigil will be a time for reflection, unity, and a reminder that our community stands strong in the face of adversity.

Let us join hands and offer our prayers for Ieshia's safe return. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to those who need it most.

Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Celebrate the start of the holiday season at the Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Get into the festive spirit as Main Street El Dorado presents the highly anticipated Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony. This magical event marks the official start of the holiday season in El Dorado, bringing joy and cheer to all.

Be dazzled by the enchanting holiday lights illuminating the downtown area, creating a picturesque setting for the festivities. Local dance groups, singers, and performers will take the stage, showcasing their talents and spreading holiday cheer.

Join the SouthArk Stars athletic teams as they flip the switch to light up the town, and witness the Salvation Army kick off their Red Kettle campaign. It's a celebration you won't want to miss!

Holiday Light Extravaganza at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources

Embark on a mesmerizing drive-through experience at the Holiday Light Extravaganza

Experience the magic of the holiday season at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources' Holiday Light Extravaganza. This enchanting drive-through experience will take you on a mesmerizing journey through a winter wonderland.

As you drive along the Smackover Highway, marvel at the dazzling display of lights that illuminate the night sky. The Holiday Light Extravaganza offers a perfect opportunity for families, friends, and loved ones to create lasting memories.

Don't miss out on this spectacular event that combines the beauty of nature with the festive spirit of the holidays. Gather your loved ones, hop in the car, and embark on a magical adventure at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources.

Live Music Performances in El Dorado

Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of the Boomer Hill Band and Dave Almond

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of live music in El Dorado. The Boomer Hill Band will be taking the stage at DP's Food Truck Park, serenading the audience with their soulful tunes. Let their music transport you to a world of pure musical bliss.

If you're in the mood for a more intimate setting, head over to PJ's Coffee Shop and enjoy the melodic sounds of Dave Almond. His captivating performances and heartfelt lyrics will leave you wanting more.

Experience the magic of live music in El Dorado and let the melodies uplift your spirits. Whether you're a fan of blues, rock, or acoustic tunes, these performances are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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