Discover the Vibrant Wine & Art Walk in Downtown Ottawa

Step into the vibrant world of art and wine at the annual Wine & Art Walk in downtown Ottawa. This exciting event brings together fifteen local businesses, offering a unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of art forms while indulging in exquisite wines from around the world. Not only does this event showcase the city's artistic talent, but it also supports Ottawa is Blooming, an organization dedicated to revitalizing the downtown area through the beauty of plants and flowers. Join us as we take a closer look at this captivating event that combines art, wine, and community spirit.

Immerse Yourself in Artistic Delights

Explore a diverse range of art forms

As you embark on the Wine & Art Walk, prepare to be captivated by the artistic wonders that await you. From stunning paintings to intricate sculptures, each participating business showcases their unique artistic expression. Marvel at the talent and creativity on display as you immerse yourself in this vibrant art scene.

One of the highlights of the Wine & Art Walk is the opportunity to interact with local artists. Engage in conversations with painters, sculptors, and jewelry makers, gaining insights into their creative process and inspirations. This personal connection adds an extra layer of depth to your art exploration experience.

Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of artistic expression, the Wine & Art Walk offers something for everyone. Let your senses be delighted and your imagination soar as you discover the diverse and captivating world of art in downtown Ottawa.

Indulge in Exquisite Wines from Around the World

Sample a variety of wines

As you stroll through the Wine & Art Walk, you'll have the opportunity to savor a wide selection of wines from around the world. Each participating business offers unique wine samples, allowing you to explore different flavors and discover new favorites.

From crisp whites to bold reds, there's a wine to suit every palate. Take your time to savor each sip, allowing the flavors to dance on your taste buds. The knowledgeable staff at each location can provide insights and recommendations, enhancing your wine-tasting experience.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a good glass of wine, the Wine & Art Walk provides a delightful opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and indulge in the finest offerings from around the world.

Support Ottawa's Downtown Revitalization

Contribute to Ottawa is Blooming

By participating in the Wine & Art Walk, you're not only immersing yourself in art and wine but also contributing to the revitalization of Ottawa's downtown area. Proceeds from the event go towards Ottawa is Blooming, an organization dedicated to enhancing the city's beauty through vibrant flower beds and green spaces.

With your support, Ottawa is Blooming can continue their efforts to create a more welcoming and visually appealing downtown environment. By attending the Wine & Art Walk, you're making a positive impact on the community and helping to create a thriving cultural hub.

Join us in supporting Ottawa's downtown revitalization and experience the joy of giving back while enjoying an unforgettable evening of art and wine.


The Wine & Art Walk in downtown Ottawa offers a unique and immersive experience that combines the beauty of art with the indulgence of exquisite wines. As you explore the vibrant streets, you'll be captivated by the diverse range of art forms on display, from paintings to sculptures and more. The opportunity to sample wines from around the world adds an extra layer of enjoyment to this cultural event. By participating in the Wine & Art Walk, you're not only supporting local businesses but also contributing to the revitalization of Ottawa's downtown area. Join us in celebrating the power of art and community spirit in this exciting annual event.


Can I purchase the artwork displayed during the Wine & Art Walk?

Yes, many of the businesses participating in the Wine & Art Walk offer the artwork for sale. It's a wonderful opportunity to bring home a unique piece of art that captures your heart.

Are there non-alcoholic beverage options available during the event?

While the focus of the Wine & Art Walk is on wine sampling, some participating businesses may offer non-alcoholic alternatives. It's always a good idea to inquire at each location to explore the available options.

Is the Wine & Art Walk suitable for families with children?

The Wine & Art Walk is primarily designed for adult participants due to the wine sampling component. However, families are welcome to attend and enjoy the art displays. Parents should use their discretion and ensure a family-friendly experience for their children.

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