Discovering Relative Arts: Celebrating Indigenous Creativity and Empowerment

Welcome to Relative Arts, a one-of-a-kind brick-and-mortar store and community space located in the vibrant East Village. In this article, we will delve into the inspiring world of Relative Arts, where indigenous vendors, contemporary artists, and designers come together to celebrate creativity, empowerment, and the rich heritage of indigenous cultures. Join me as we explore their commitment to Indigenous Futurism, their social impact initiatives, and the diverse range of art forms you can discover within their walls.

A Curated Clubhouse for Indigenous Creativity

Discover the unique concept behind Relative Arts and how it goes beyond being a retail space.

Discovering Relative Arts: Celebrating Indigenous Creativity and Empowerment - -242256481

Relative Arts is not your typical retail store. It is a curated clubhouse that brings together indigenous vendors, contemporary artists, and designers in a vibrant and inclusive space. Co-founded by educator Liana Shewey and fashion designer Korina Emmerich, Relative Arts aims to foster empowerment and connection within the indigenous community.

At Relative Arts, you will find a diverse range of art forms created by indigenous people, including fashion, clothing, design, wellness products, and jewelry. But it's not just about the products; Relative Arts hosts a variety of events such as gallery shows, poetry readings, and intimate musical performances. It is a space where indigenous creativity thrives and where people can come together to celebrate the beautiful diversity of indigenous culture.

Embracing Indigenous Futurism

Learn about the concept of Indigenous Futurism and how Relative Arts is pushing for a more representative future.

Relative Arts is not only focused on honoring tradition but also on fostering the advancement of Indigenous Futurism. This emerging art and design movement seeks to envision a future where indigenous communities are not just surviving but thriving.

Through art and education, Relative Arts is contributing to a more representative society. They are actively thinking about what it means to be the original stewards of the land and how indigenous people can contribute to a more equitable and inclusive future.

One of the ways Relative Arts supports this vision is through their T-shirt campaigns. They donate 30% of the proceeds to initiatives that support indigenous communities, making a tangible impact on the lives of indigenous people.

Empowering Indigenous Artists and Designers

Discover how Relative Arts provides a supportive space for indigenous artists and designers to showcase their work.

Relative Arts serves as a platform for indigenous artists and designers to share their creativity with the world. Nishina Loft, the artist in residence at Relative Arts, is a perfect example of the talent that is nurtured within this community.

Loft creates stunning tufted earrings, art prints, and clothes that embody the resilience of indigenous identity. Being part of Relative Arts allows Loft and other artists to be understood and cared for in a space that truly empowers them.

Relative Arts goes beyond being a retail store by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for indigenous artists and designers to thrive. It invites people into the conversation and helps them gain a new understanding of the importance of celebrating the diverse cultures and talents of indigenous communities.

Making a Social Impact

Learn about Relative Arts' commitment to social impact and how they contribute to initiatives supporting indigenous communities.

Relative Arts is not just about selling products; they are dedicated to making a social impact. One of the ways they do this is through their T-shirt campaigns, where 30% of the proceeds go towards initiatives that support indigenous communities.

By purchasing from Relative Arts, customers are not only supporting indigenous artists and designers but also contributing to the betterment of indigenous communities. It is a meaningful way to shop consciously and make a difference.

Through their commitment to social impact, Relative Arts is creating a positive change and helping to build a more equitable society that celebrates the rich heritage and creativity of indigenous cultures.

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