Exploring the Transformative Power of Installation Art: An Interview with Jeffrey Shaw

In this exclusive interview, join me as I delve into the artistic world of Jeffrey Shaw, a renowned Australian artist and Chair Professor at the Academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University. We'll explore his deep connection with traditional Chinese culture and how it influences his artistic creations. From his groundbreaking work in immersive installations to his innovative approaches in presenting Chinese cultural heritage, Shaw's artistic philosophy will inspire and captivate you.

Connecting with Traditional Chinese Culture

Discover how Jeffrey Shaw's deep connection with traditional Chinese culture influences his artistic creations.

Living in Hong Kong for over 12 years, Jeffrey Shaw has had numerous opportunities to engage with and be inspired by Chinese culture. His collaborations with the Dunhuang Academy and martial arts advocate Mr. Hing Chao have allowed him to integrate Chinese cultural heritage into his art practice.

From 3D interactive visualizations of the Dunhuang caves to aesthetic interpretations of Chinese martial arts, Shaw has found innovative ways to present Chinese culture to a global audience. By focusing on embodied experiences and engaging strategies, he brings Chinese culture to life in a way that resonates with people from all backgrounds.

Exploring Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Delve into Jeffrey Shaw's techniques for digitizing and presenting tangible and intangible cultural heritage in his art installations.

Shaw's art practice involves both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. For tangible heritage, such as sculptures and paintings, he utilizes techniques like photogrammetry to create 3D models that bring historical objects to life.

When it comes to intangible cultural heritage, such as Chinese martial arts, Shaw goes beyond simple documentation. Through motion capture and aesthetic interpretations, he enhances the experience, making it more engaging and appealing to contemporary sensibilities.

By bridging the gap between the past and the present, Shaw ensures that historical objects and practices remain relevant and captivating for audiences today.

Immersive Experiences: Emperor Qianlong's Dreamscape

Step into the immersive dreamscape of Emperor Qianlong and experience the emotional journey of his memories and dreams.

One of Shaw's notable installations is the "Dreamscape of the Qianlong Emperor" at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. This installation allows visitors to lie down on a large round sofa and enter the emperor's dreamland.

Projected on the ceiling, the circular projection takes the audience into the emperor's dream, where they can see the Chinese characters of a poem he wrote to his deceased wife. By physically engaging with the installation, visitors are transported into the emotional world of the emperor, experiencing his longing and sorrow.

Art-Tech Fusion: Bridging Cultures

Explore the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western art-tech and how they inspire cross-cultural understanding.

Jeffrey Shaw has been at the forefront of art-tech, particularly interactive art, throughout his career. He believes that the language of art and technology is universal, transcending cultural boundaries.

While the strategies and techniques may differ, the underlying principles of engaging the audience and fostering creativity remain the same. Through his work, Shaw aims to bridge the gap between Chinese and Western cultures, inspiring mutual appreciation and understanding.

Hong Kong: A Cultural Crossroads

Discover how Hong Kong's unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures influences Jeffrey Shaw's artistic explorations.

As a Western artist living in Hong Kong, Shaw has found himself at the crossroads of Chinese and Western cultures. This vibrant city provides him with the perfect environment to explore and create art that bridges the gap between the two.

Hong Kong's cultural diversity and openness allow for a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. Shaw's collaborations with local artists and institutions have further enriched his artistic practice, resulting in innovative and captivating works that resonate with audiences from around the world.

Future Directions: The Evolution of Cinematic Experiences

Uncover Jeffrey Shaw's vision for the future of cinematic experiences and his exploration of cultural heritage and virtual reality.

Jeffrey Shaw's fascination with the cinema and immersive experiences has led him to explore the future of cinematic art. He envisions a future where cultural heritage can be fully experienced through virtual reality and immersive installations.

His ongoing project, "Future Cinema Systems," aims to revolutionize the way museums present their archives. By leveraging virtual reality and cinematic techniques, Shaw seeks to make the entirety of museum archives accessible and engaging for audiences worldwide.

Through his innovative approaches, Shaw continues to push the boundaries of art and technology, creating transformative experiences that captivate and inspire.


Jeffrey Shaw's artistic journey is a testament to the power of integrating traditional Chinese culture into contemporary art. Through his immersive installations and innovative approaches, Shaw brings Chinese cultural heritage to life, captivating audiences from around the world.

By bridging the gap between the past and the present, Shaw creates transformative experiences that evoke emotions and spark curiosity. His work serves as a bridge between cultures, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

As Shaw continues to push the boundaries of art and technology, we can expect even more groundbreaking creations that redefine the way we experience and interact with art.

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