Exploring the Whimsical World of Food Art at Buttery Spread Exhibition

Step into the enchanting realm of food art at the Buttery Spread exhibition, hosted at Brew House Arts on the South Side. This captivating showcase celebrates the culinary world through a delightful collection of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and the written word. Immerse yourself in the whimsical creations of 11 talented artists, and discover the power of food as a source of inspiration and connection. Join us on this artistic journey that will nourish both your body and soul.

A Whimsical Celebration of Food

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of food art at the Buttery Spread exhibition.

Step into a whimsical celebration of food at the Buttery Spread exhibition. This captivating showcase at Brew House Arts on the South Side invites you to explore the artistic interpretations of food through various mediums. From mesmerizing drawings and vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures and captivating written works, this exhibition offers a unique perspective on the culinary world.

As you wander through the gallery, you'll be transported into a realm where food becomes a source of inspiration and creativity. Each artwork tells a story, inviting you to contemplate the role of food in our lives and the connections it fosters.

The Power of Alternative Spaces

Discover the significance of alternative spaces in the realm of food and togetherness.

Co-curator Emma Honcharski, a passionate advocate for food and art, is exploring the power of alternative spaces for food and togetherness. Through her collaborative publication, Dinner Bell Mag, and her studies in Food Studies at Chatham University, she aims to expand our perspectives on how we engage with food.

By showcasing Buttery Spread at Brew House Arts, Honcharski and her partner, Chas Wagner, emphasize the importance of alternative spaces in the art world. They believe that publications, such as magazines and cookbooks, are forms of art that deserve recognition and appreciation.

How do alternative spaces contribute to our understanding of food and creativity? How can publications be seen as art forms? Join the conversation as we delve deeper into these intriguing questions.

Feeding Your Mind in the Library

Explore the library filled with a diverse collection of food-related publications.

After immersing yourself in the visual feast of Buttery Spread, take a moment to feed your mind in the library. Nestled within the exhibition, the library offers a cozy lounge area filled with over 50 publications.

From cookbooks and essay collections to independent magazines, the library provides a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Browse through the pages, discover new recipes, delve into thought-provoking essays, and explore the diverse world of food literature.

What hidden gems will you uncover in the library? Share your favorite food-related publications and let us know how they have influenced your culinary journey.

A Sensory Experience: Sugar Cubes

Indulge in a unique tea ritual accompanied by a pescatarian menu at Sugar Cubes.

Mark your calendars for December 16th, as the Buttery Spread exhibition presents Sugar Cubes: A Three Course Tea Ritual. Artists Laurie Trok and Laura Riviere invite you to a sensory experience like no other.

During this enchanting event, participants will be seated at banquet tables, surrounded by the artwork. As you sip on fragrant tea, prepared with meticulous care, you'll be treated to a pescatarian menu that tantalizes your taste buds.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage all your senses and explore the intersection of art, food, and ritual. Secure your tickets now and prepare for a truly memorable experience.

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