EXPosure: Illuminating Art Installation in Schenley Plaza

Welcome to Schenley Plaza, where art comes to life in a mesmerizing display of light and creativity. Get ready to be captivated by EXPosure, an outdoor art installation that will leave you in awe. Created by Montreal-based artist Lucion, this installation features three inflatable vinyl spheres that glow with an otherworldly luminescence. These orbs, the largest standing at an impressive 15 feet tall, have the power to turn any directed light into a temporary painting visible on their surfaces. Join us as we explore this enchanting art installation and discover the magic it brings to Oakland's Glowland festival.

EXPosure: A Captivating Outdoor Art Installation

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of EXPosure

Step into the enchanting world of EXPosure, an outdoor art installation that will ignite your imagination. Created by Montreal-based artist Lucion, this captivating installation features three inflatable vinyl spheres that emit a radiant glow. These mesmerizing orbs have the unique ability to transform any directed light into a luminescent temporary painting on their surfaces.

As you enter Schenley Plaza, you'll be greeted by these larger-than-life orbs, with the tallest one reaching an impressive 15 feet. The sight of these glowing spheres against the night sky is truly a spectacle to behold. Prepare to be transported to a world where light and art converge, and let your creativity shine.

Glowland: Celebrating Light in Oakland

Discover the annual Glowland festival and its mission

Glowland is not just an art installation; it's an entire festival dedicated to celebrating light and art in Oakland. Organized by the Oakland Business Improvement District (OBID), this annual event aims to bring people back to Oakland and illuminate the city during the darker months of the year.

Featuring 10 light-themed artworks by local and international artists, Glowland transforms the Fifth and Forbes corridor into a vibrant and illuminated outdoor gallery. From the mesmerizing orbs of EXPosure to other captivating light installations, each artwork tells a unique story and adds a touch of magic to the city.

But Glowland is more than just art. It's a community gathering, a celebration of creativity, and an opportunity for people to come together and experience the beauty of light. With free community days, ticketed events, and historic walking tours, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Glowland.

A Six-Week Extravaganza

Experience Glowland's extended schedule

This year, Glowland has expanded from four weeks to a six-week extravaganza, giving visitors even more time to experience the magic. The festival kicked off on November 20 and will continue to illuminate Oakland until January 2.

During these six weeks, the orbs of EXPosure will come to life from 5-10 p.m. each night, casting their mesmerizing glow over Schenley Plaza. Whether you visit on a free community day or attend one of the ticketed events like the Glow Ball, you're in for a truly unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on this extended celebration of light and art. Plan your visit to Glowland and immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder that Oakland has to offer.

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