FOTONICA: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Light in Rome

Welcome to FOTONICA, the Festival of the Capital, where the power of light takes center stage in the realm of art. Join me, Emily Adams, as we embark on a journey through the 7th edition of this extraordinary festival in Rome. From December 1st to 10th, the city will come alive with breathtaking videomapping, interactive installations, mesmerizing performances, and captivating workshops. Let's dive into the world of FOTONICA and explore the immense creative possibilities that light has to offer.

Immerse Yourself in the World of FOTONICA

Experience the magic of FOTONICA as it brings together the best of audiovisual digital arts. Discover a world where light becomes the medium for artistic expression.

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Welcome to FOTONICA, a festival that celebrates the power of light in the realm of art. From mesmerizing videomappings to interactive installations, this event offers a unique experience for art enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Explore the Acquario Romano, Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma, and Cieloterra as they come alive with captivating displays of creativity.

Discover the works of renowned artists such as Murcof, Gábor Lázár, and Otolab, who push the boundaries of audiovisual and digital arts. Immerse yourself in their visionary creations and witness the transformative power of light.

Engage with the festival through workshops, talks, and conferences, where you can learn from the experts and gain insights into the world of light art. Whether you're an artist, a technology enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art, FOTONICA has something to offer for everyone.

The Captivating Highlights of FOTONICA

Delve into the mesmerizing highlights of FOTONICA, where art and technology merge to create unforgettable experiences.

Prepare to be amazed by the luminous installations curated by the Light Art Museum of Budapest. Featuring works by Hungarian artists Victor Vasarely and Péter Botos, these installations will transport you to a world where light takes on new dimensions.

Experience the breathtaking videomappings by Kanaka and Dániel Besnyő at the Acquario Romano. Watch as the architecture comes alive with vibrant visuals, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

Don't miss the immersive AV performances curated by Live Cinema Festival. These audiovisual spectacles will take you on a journey through sound and light, creating a multisensory experience like no other.

Celebrating the Power of Light

Discover the creative potential of light as FOTONICA celebrates the photon, the smallest yet most powerful fragment of light in the universe.

At FOTONICA, light is not just a medium but a source of inspiration. Through various art forms, the festival showcases the immense creative power that light possesses. Witness how artists use light to evoke emotions, create immersive environments, and challenge our perception of reality.

Explore the works of talented musicians such as Caterina Palazzi and Grand River, who use light as a tool to enhance their performances. Experience the synergy between sound and light as they come together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Join the network of artists, enthusiasts, and industry professionals at FOTONICA and become a part of the ever-evolving world of audiovisual digital arts. Discover new perspectives, exchange ideas, and contribute to the growth of this vibrant community.

Support and Collaboration

FOTONICA is made possible through the support of various organizations and collaborations, fostering the growth of the audiovisual digital arts community.

FOTONICA is proud to have the support of Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla Cultura, SIAE, the Ministry of Culture – FUS Progetti Speciali, and the European Union – Creative Europe. These partnerships enable the festival to continue its mission of promoting and nurturing the audiovisual digital arts scene.

As part of the AVnode network, FOTONICA is connected to over 200 projects, including festivals, meetings, and workshops. This international network provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of ideas, strengthening the global audiovisual digital arts community.

By attending FOTONICA, you are not only supporting the festival but also contributing to the growth and development of the audiovisual digital arts sector. Your presence helps create a vibrant and inclusive space for artists and enthusiasts to thrive.

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