Gage Academy of Art: A New Chapter in South Lake Union

Step into the world of art as Gage Academy of Art embarks on a new journey in South Lake Union. After 20 years in Capitol Hill, this renowned nonprofit art school is making a move to a ground-level retail space owned by Amazon. Join me, Emily Adams, as we explore the transformation of Gage Academy of Art and its mission to bring classical art techniques to a modern urban setting.

A New Home in South Lake Union

Discover the exciting move of Gage Academy of Art to South Lake Union, a vibrant neighborhood in Seattle.

Gage Academy of Art, a renowned nonprofit art school, is bidding farewell to its Capitol Hill location after 20 years and embracing a new chapter in South Lake Union. Nestled in a ground-level retail space owned by Amazon, the school's new home promises a fusion of classical art techniques and modern urban vibes.

With the Amazon Spheres just a stone's throw away, Gage Academy of Art's new campus at 2105-2107 Westlake Ave. will occupy the ground-level retail space in Amazon's re:Invent building. This move marks a departure from the traditional spaces art schools typically occupy, showcasing the school's commitment to innovation and accessibility.

The new location, designed by Seattle-based architecture firm NBBJ, will feature flexible classrooms, art studios, multimedia rooms, and communal student spaces. With its central location and excellent transit and dining options nearby, the new Gage Academy of Art aims to attract a younger and more diverse student body.

A Win-Win Partnership with Amazon

Explore the unique partnership between Gage Academy of Art and Amazon, fueling creativity and neighborhood building.

Gage Academy of Art's collaboration with Amazon goes beyond the traditional landlord-tenant relationship. Amazon has not only provided the school with a new space but has also extended substantial support. As part of the lease agreement, Amazon will offer over $7.5 million in rent assistance over the next decade, along with contributing to construction and space improvement costs.

For Amazon, this partnership aligns with their mission to support local arts and diversify the retail offerings in the neighborhood. By having a nonprofit art school as a tenant, Amazon aims to foster a vibrant and creative atmosphere in South Lake Union.

The synergy between Gage Academy of Art and Amazon is a true win-win. Gage gains a new, modern space to inspire artistic growth, while Amazon rejuvenates the neighborhood and strengthens its ties to the local community.

Evolution of the Gage Academy of Art

Uncover the transformation of Gage Academy of Art over its 30+ year history, adapting to the changing needs of artists.

Gage Academy of Art, originally known as the Academy of Realist Art, was founded by Gary Faigin and Pamela Belyea in 1990. Its mission was to teach classical and fundamental art techniques to local artists, regardless of their career aspirations.

Over the years, the school has evolved, changing its name to the Seattle Academy of Fine Art and eventually becoming Gage Academy of Art in 2006. Alongside traditional courses like figure drawing and oil painting, Gage now offers digital art classes, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of the art world.

With its new location in South Lake Union, Gage Academy of Art plans to expand its curriculum further, catering to a wider range of students. Lunch-hour lectures, one-hour classes, and partnerships with nearby institutions are all on the horizon, making art education more accessible and flexible.

Connecting Tech and Arts Communities

Explore the potential for collaboration between the tech and arts communities in South Lake Union.

The move to South Lake Union not only brings Gage Academy of Art closer to Amazon but also presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between the tech and arts communities. With a prime location amidst tech offices and a thriving urban environment, Gage hopes to inspire individuals working in tech to explore the world of art.

By showcasing the integral role of arts in our lives, Gage Academy of Art aims to foster a deeper appreciation for creativity and encourage collaboration between these seemingly disparate fields. Through art, tech professionals can find a new outlet for self-expression and discover the beauty of blending technology and artistic vision.

Join us in South Lake Union as we embark on a journey of exploration, where art and technology converge, and new possibilities emerge.

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