In & Out of Focus: Exploring the Surreal World of Mark Arbeit

Step into the mesmerizing realm of 'In & Out of Focus', a project that emerged from Mark Arbeit's deep admiration for Irving Penn's 'Flowers'. Discover how Arbeit's unique approach combines flowers and the female nude body, resulting in a series of black and white photographs that exude a surreal and ethereal sensation.

The Inspiration: Irving Penn's 'Flowers'

Explore the profound influence of Irving Penn's 'Flowers' on Mark Arbeit's artistic journey.

In & Out of Focus: Exploring the Surreal World of Mark Arbeit - 1847503209

Mark Arbeit's fascination with flowers as a subject matter was ignited during his time in New York, where he was deeply moved by Irving Penn's iconic work 'Flowers'.

Inspired by Penn's powerful images, Arbeit embarked on his own exploration of flowers, using natural light and black and white photography to create a surreal and ethereal atmosphere.

By incorporating the female nude body as a blurred background element, Arbeit added a unique twist to Penn's original concept, resulting in a series of captivating photographs.

The Journey of a Photographer

Uncover Mark Arbeit's journey as a photographer and his encounters with renowned artists.

Mark Arbeit's passion for photography began in high school, and he pursued his love for the art form by studying it in college and enrolling at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in California.

During his time at the Art Center College, Arbeit had the opportunity to work with legendary photographers such as Helmut Newton and Irving Penn, which greatly influenced his artistic development.

His collaboration with Helmut Newton and his experience as a print retoucher in Irving Penn's studio provided invaluable insights and shaped his unique perspective as a photographer.

The Birth of 'In & Out of Focus'

Discover the creative process behind Mark Arbeit's 'In & Out of Focus' project.

The 'In & Out of Focus' project originated in Arbeit's Paris studio, where he experimented with different types of flowers and models.

By moving the flowers closer to the camera lens and creating a shallow depth of field, Arbeit achieved a dreamlike effect that blurred the female nude body in the background.

His unique approach, influenced by his admiration for Irving Penn's 'Flowers', resulted in a series of mesmerizing black and white photographs that combine the beauty of flowers with the human form.

The Love for Photography

Explore Mark Arbeit's deep love for photography and his dedication to the art form.

Mark Arbeit describes himself as someone who has dedicated his entire life to photography and has a profound appreciation for its history.

He believes that digital tools are essential for photographers, but he still cherishes the unique qualities of his old analog cameras.

Arbeit's passion for photography is evident in his work, as he continuously seeks to inspire younger photographers and push the boundaries of the art form.

Future Projects and Exhibitions

Get a glimpse into Mark Arbeit's future projects and his presence in the world of exhibitions.

Mark Arbeit's creative journey continues as he explores new projects and experiments with different techniques.

Recently, he has been working with old stereo cameras, adding a unique dimension to his photography.

His work has been showcased in various exhibitions, including the ongoing 'In & Out of Focus' exhibition at the Fine Art Images Gallery in Chieri, Italy.

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