Kablusiak Wins 2023 Sobey Art Award: Celebrating Innovation in Contemporary Visual Arts

Kablusiak, the talented multidisciplinary artist, has been announced as the grand winner of the prestigious 2023 Sobey Art Award. This esteemed recognition celebrates Kablusiak's innovative approach to contemporary visual arts, pushing boundaries, and creating new imaginaries. Let's delve into Kablusiak's unique practice that defies conventional categories and sheds light on the complexities of Inuit diaspora, gender, and the impact of colonization.

Exploring Kablusiak's Multidisciplinary Practice

Unveiling the unique artistic approach of Kablusiak

Kablusiak, the grand winner of the 2023 Sobey Art Award, is known for their multidisciplinary practice that defies traditional artistic categories. Through their ingenuity, Kablusiak employs various mediums, including lingerie, white flour, soapstone, felt, acrylic paint, and words, to create thought-provoking artwork.

The artist's work explores the complex themes of dis/connections, family and community ties within the Inuit diaspora, and the impact of colonization on Inuit expressions of gender and sexuality, health and wellbeing, and daily life. Kablusiak's fearless and unapologetic practice challenges old art histories and opens up new possibilities in contemporary art.

The Significance of the Sobey Art Award

Recognizing Canadian visual artists at a critical juncture

The Sobey Art Award is a prestigious recognition that celebrates Canadian visual artists who reflect upon and speak of our contemporary moment nationally and globally. This award plays a crucial role in supporting artists at a critical juncture in their careers, providing them with visibility and opportunities.

With a prize of 100,000 CAD, the Sobey Art Award acknowledges the outstanding talent and innovation of artists like Kablusiak. The award also recognizes the diverse perspectives and creativity demonstrated by the shortlisted and longlisted artists, fostering connections between artists and cultural producers across the country and beyond.

Kablusiak's Impact on Art and Society

Examining the profound influence of Kablusiak's work

Kablusiak's artwork goes beyond the confines of the art world, making a profound impact on both art and society. Their attention to materiality and embodiment, coupled with a critical use of humor, creates a world-building and affirming experience for viewers.

By exploring themes of identity, colonization, and community, Kablusiak's work sparks important conversations about the Inuit diaspora, gender and sexuality, and the effects of colonization. Their fearless and unapologetic practice challenges prevailing languages of contemporary art, introducing new perspectives and imaginaries.

The Journey of Kablusiak: From Yellowknife to Calgary

Tracing the artistic journey of Kablusiak

Kablusiak was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. These diverse landscapes and cultural influences have shaped their artistic practice, providing a unique perspective on the Inuit diaspora and the impact of colonization.

Currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Kablusiak continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional norms through their multidisciplinary approach. Their journey as an artist reflects a commitment to exploring and expressing the complexities of identity, culture, and community.

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