Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Welcome to the captivating world of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center in the heart of downtown Lansing. Founded in 1965 by a passionate group of local artists, this gallery has evolved into a thriving hub of cultural diversity and artistic expression.

A Place of Creative Discovery

Experience the artistic magic within the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant artistry as you step into the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. With over 100 talented Michigan-made artists, this welcoming gallery showcases an array of mediums, including pottery, jewelry, wood-working, and multimedia paintings.

Explore every corner and uncover the diverse artistic voices that make up this dynamic community. Discover pieces filled with thought-provoking imagery, stimulating your senses and sparking a dialogue between the artist and viewer.

A Journey Through Time

Discover the rich history of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center.

Transport yourself back to 1965 when a passionate group of Lansing-based artists had a unified vision — create a space that celebrates the remarkable artistic abilities of their community. Thus, the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center was born.

Since its inception, this gallery has flourished, expanding its artistic horizons and accommodating a diverse range of talented individuals. From its humble beginnings to its vibrant present, the gallery remains a vital part of Lansing’s artistic landscape.

Pioneering Inclusivity

Discover the commitment of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center to inclusiveness.

The Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center understands the transformative power of art and aims to create a space where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome. Their goal is to transcend the narrow definition of a traditional gallery and foster an inclusive environment where diverse voices can convene and appreciate art together.

From featuring an LGBTQ+ exhibit to curating thought-provoking performances, the gallery continuously pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and seeks to amplify voices that are often marginalized. Through their programming and exhibits, they are sparking crucial conversations and opening doors to a more inclusive art scene.


The Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center is a haven for artistic expression, cultural diversity, and inclusivity. With its wide range of Michigan-made artworks and the constant drive to amplify marginalized voices, the gallery showcases the power of art to provoke thought and foster meaningful connections.

As you step through its doors, you'll find yourself embarking on a journey through the perspectives of talented artists from different backgrounds. The gallery's commitment to inclusivity and its dedication to educational opportunities make it a vital institution in the Lansing art scene.

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