Melbourne Art Fair to run annually and 2024 galleries announced

Experience the cultural event that marks the official launch of the annual arts calendar in Australia - the Melbourne Art Fair. After a brief hiatus, the fair returns in 2024, showcasing a comprehensive and diverse range of contemporary art from 60 art galleries and Indigenous art centers. Delve into the theme of 'ketherba', which invites us to embrace differences and find hope in the power of art. Get ready to explore the extraordinary artistic narratives and immerse yourself in thought-provoking installations and performances. As a content writer, I am thrilled to share the details of this much-anticipated event, including the exciting Commission work by acclaimed artist Julie Rrap. Join me as we uncover the artistic wonders that await at Melbourne Art Fair 2024.

Melbourne Art Fair 2024: A Celebration of Contemporary Art and Ideas

Experience the rich tapestry of contemporary art at Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through the vibrant and diverse world of contemporary art at Melbourne Art Fair 2024. This highly anticipated event brings together 60 art galleries and Indigenous art centers, showcasing an extraordinary range of artistic expressions. From striking installations to thought-provoking performances, discover the exhilarating narratives that traverse the cutting edge of the art world.

Explore the intersection of artistic expression and ideas as Melbourne Art Fair offers a platform for thought-provoking conversations. Engage with the artists, curators, and fellow art enthusiasts as you delve into the captivating stories behind the artwork. This is not just an art fair; it is an immersive cultural experience that sparks conversation, fosters connections, and inspires creativity.

Embracing Differences: The Spirit of 'Ketherba' in Art

Celebrate unity in diversity as Melbourne Art Fair embraces the theme of 'ketherba'

'Ketherba', a word of the Boon Wurrung people, encapsulates the essence of Melbourne Art Fair 2024. This theme embodies the power of togetherness and acknowledges the value of embracing differences. Through art, we find a common language that transcends boundaries and connects us on a deeper level.

From Indigenous artists to contemporary practitioners, 'ketherba' celebrates the plurality of voices and experiences. Experience the awe-inspiring vitality of diverse artistic expressions and witness the transformative capacity of art to bridge communities and foster understanding. Melbourne Art Fair 2024 invites you to join in this exploration of unity and embrace the beauty of difference.

Highlights: Galleries and Indigenous Art Centers

Discover the prominent galleries and Indigenous art centers participating at Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Melbourne Art Fair 2024 brings together a prestigious lineup of 60 art galleries and Indigenous art centers. Experience the captivating collections presented by galleries such as iconic Anna Schwartz Gallery and exciting newcomers like FUTURES and LON Gallery.


  • 1301SW/Starkwhite
  • Art Collective WA
  • Anna Schwartz Gallery

Art Centers:

  • Moa Arts (Mua, Mualgal Country/Moa Island)
  • Munupi Arts & Crafts Association (Pirlangimpi Community/Melville Island)
  • Wik & Kugu Arts Centre (Aurukun)

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the diverse artistic visions at Melbourne Art Fair 2024, as these galleries and art centers provide a snapshot of the flourishing contemporary art scene in Australia.

A Commission of Remarkable Significance: Julie Rrap's 'SOMOS'

Delve into the captivating Commission work by artist Julie Rrap

A focal point of Melbourne Art Fair 2024 is the highly anticipated Commission work by acclaimed artist Julie Rrap. Represented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Rrap has carved a significant place in the Australian art scene with her thought-provoking explorations of the female body and its representation.

'SOMOS (Standing On My Own Shoulders)' intertwines Rrap's distinctive style with a powerful message. This bronze life-size sculptural work challenges conventional notions of beauty and celebrates the strength and wisdom of an older female body in a world that often renders it invisible.

Be prepared to be astonished as Rrap unveils 'SOMOS' at Melbourne Art Fair 2024. This compelling piece will captivate audiences before finding its permanent abode in the Art Gallery of Western Australia collection.

Engaging Art Programming: From Conversations to Live Performances

Discover the diverse and dynamic programming at Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Melbourne Art Fair 2024 offers more than just visual exhibitions. Engage yourself in the stimulating art programming that adds another layer of excitement and enrichment to the overall experience.


Embark on insightful dialogues as top artists, curators, and industry professionals share their perspectives and experiences through thought-provoking talks and panel discussions. Explore emerging trends and critical ideas that fuel the contemporary art landscape.


Experience the spontaneity and creativity of live performances curated by Glenfiddich. Immerse yourself in the intersection of visual art, music, dance, and theater, as talented performers breathe life into the artworks and ignite your imagination.

By examining the different facets of the artistic world, Melbourne Art Fair 2024 offers a holistic and captivating experience that engages all your senses and sparks captivating conversations.


Melbourne Art Fair 2024 promises to captivate art lovers with its vibrant showcase of contemporary art, thought-provoking conversations, and immersive experiences. As artists and audiences come together, the fair serves as a testament to the power of art in fostering unity, celebrating diversity, and fueling insightful dialogue.

Get ready to be inspired, moved, and challenged as Melbourne Art Fair takes you on a journey through the thriving Australian art scene. Embrace the spirit of 'ketherba' and join in the celebration of artistic expressions that shape our cultural landscape.


What is the significance of the theme 'ketherba'?

The theme 'ketherba' represents togetherness and embracing differences. It highlights the importance of unity in the diverse world of contemporary art, inviting audiences to find hope in the power of art.

Who is the artist behind the Commission work at Melbourne Art Fair 2024?

Artist Julie Rrap has been commissioned to create a significant artwork for the fair. Rrap is renowned for her exploration of the female body and its representation, and her Commission work, 'SOMOS', promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking addition.

What can visitors expect from the diverse programming at Melbourne Art Fair 2024?

Visitors can engage in insightful conversations with talks and panel discussions, experience the dynamism of live performances curated by Glenfiddich, and immerse themselves in an array of thought-provoking artistic experiences that go beyond visual exhibitions.

How many galleries and art centers are participating in the fair?

Melbourne Art Fair 2024 brings together 60 art galleries and Indigenous art centers, offering a comprehensive and diverse representation of the contemporary art scene in Australia. From established galleries to emerging spaces, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic visions.

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