Moberg Gallery: 20 Years of Artistic Excellence and International Influence

Welcome to the captivating world of Moberg Gallery, where artistry knows no bounds. Join me, Emily Miller, as we embark on a journey through the inspiring tale of TJ Moberg and Ryan Mullin, childhood friends turned co-owners of Moberg Gallery. For two decades, this Des Moines-based contemporary art haven has been a catalyst for artistic excellence, bringing renowned national and international artists to the heart of Iowa.

From Locker Partners to Artistic Visionaries

Discover the extraordinary journey of TJ Moberg and Ryan Mullin, childhood friends who transformed their passion for art into a thriving contemporary art gallery.

It all began with a serendipitous encounter at East High School in Des Moines. TJ Moberg and Ryan Mullin, who were locker partners, forged a friendship that would shape their future. Little did they know that their shared love for art would lead them to become the co-owners of Moberg Gallery, a renowned contemporary art space in Des Moines.

After their high school days, their paths diverged, but fate eventually brought them back together. In 2007, Mullin returned to Des Moines and joined Moberg as a studio assistant. Over time, he assumed the role of gallery manager, while Moberg took on the position of lead consultant for commercial art. Together, they have curated exceptional exhibitions and brought talented artists from around the world to the heart of Iowa.

A Hub of Creativity and Innovation

Step into the captivating world of Moberg Gallery, where artistic brilliance takes center stage and pushes boundaries.

Moberg Gallery has been a beacon of creativity for 20 years, captivating art enthusiasts with its diverse range of exhibitions. From local talents like Jordan Weber and Robert Moore to international sensations like Ruben Sanchez and Ricardo Gonzalez, the gallery has showcased the works of exceptional artists who challenge conventional norms.

Recently, the gallery made a significant move to a new space on Grand Avenue, solidifying its position as a premier destination for contemporary art in Des Moines. In addition to their gallery shows, Moberg and Mullin have also lent their expertise as consultants for a mural in the vibrant Drake neighborhood, further enhancing the city's artistic landscape.

Embracing Change and Expanding Horizons

Witness the evolution of Moberg Gallery as it embarks on a new chapter, exploring art beyond the boundaries of Iowa.

As Moberg Gallery celebrates its 20th anniversary, Moberg and Mullin are setting their sights on a broader artistic horizon. While they continue to appreciate and support Iowa-focused art, they aim to bring a fresh wave of artists from different locations to Des Moines.

The gallery's upcoming openings, including exhibits by Jeff Fleming and Chris Vance, promise to captivate art enthusiasts with their distinct perspectives. Additionally, Moberg Gallery will be making its mark at the Scope Art Show in Miami during Art Basel, showcasing the talent and vision that has propelled them to international recognition.

A Lasting Friendship and Artistic Partnership

Discover the enduring bond between TJ Moberg and Ryan Mullin, childhood friends turned successful co-owners of Moberg Gallery.

Despite their divergent paths after high school, Moberg and Mullin's friendship has stood the test of time. Their shared passion for art has not only strengthened their bond but also fueled their collaborative success at Moberg Gallery.

Together, they navigate the day-to-day operations of the gallery, from curation to artist relations. Their harmonious partnership and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in the gallery's longevity and influence in the art world.

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