Question the Space: A Unique Exhibition Challenging Gallery Norms

Welcome to 'Question the Space,' an extraordinary exhibition that pushes the boundaries of traditional galleries. Curated by Esther Gyorki, this thought-provoking showcase challenges the notion of what can be considered art and where a gallery can exist. Featuring commissioned and existing works by talented artists, including the renowned Guerrilla Girls, this exhibition breaks free from the confines of the Walker Street Gallery in the City of Greater Dandenong. Join us on a journey of inclusivity and exploration as we delve into the unexpected and engage with the vibrant cultural spaces of Dandenong.

Exploring the Concept of 'Question the Space'

Discover the inspiration behind 'Question the Space' and how curator Esther Gyorki challenges the traditional gallery setting.

Curator Esther Gyorki envisioned an exhibition that would challenge the conventional notions of a gallery. By asking 'Where can a gallery exist?' and 'What can be a work of art?', she aimed to create an inclusive and thought-provoking experience for all visitors.

The exhibition, titled 'Question the Space,' features a diverse range of commissioned and existing artworks by 11 living artists, including the renowned Guerrilla Girls. These artworks can be found both inside the Walker Street Gallery and in unexpected outdoor locations around central Dandenong.

By expanding the exhibition beyond the gallery walls, Gyorki aims to break down barriers and engage with different audiences, including children, non-English speakers, and the local artistic community. The exhibition invites everyone to question and reimagine the possibilities of art and gallery spaces.

Unveiling the Artistic Transformations

Discover the unique artistic transformations within 'Question the Space' exhibition.

Inside the Walker Street Gallery, visitors will encounter a vibrant display of artworks that challenge and inspire. Brisbane artist Rachel Burke's exuberantly colored garments hang from the ceiling, creating a whimsical and immersive experience.

First Nations artist Tina Patlas presents joyful canvases that celebrate her cultural heritage, while Ross Coulter's photographs from the 'Audience' series explore the relationship between viewers and art galleries.

Ceramicist Kenny Pittock's sculpture of a Neapolitan ice-cream and scoop sparks conversations about personal preferences, and the mirrored artworks by Jordan Fleming and Dean Norton on the side of the Dandenong Library offer viewers a chance to see themselves reflected within the art.

Embracing the Cultural Diversity of Dandenong

Discover how 'Question the Space' exhibition connects with the diverse community of Dandenong.

The location of the exhibition in the City of Greater Dandenong, known for its cultural diversity, plays a significant role in shaping the exhibition's themes and engagement. Curator Esther Gyorki wanted to create an exhibition that resonates with the local residents while also attracting art enthusiasts from outside the area.

By displaying artworks in public spaces and incorporating events and artist talks, 'Question the Space' aims to bridge the gap between the art world and the community. The exhibition invites people of all backgrounds to explore and connect with the diverse artistic expressions showcased.

Through this inclusive approach, 'Question the Space' celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Dandenong and encourages dialogue and interaction among its residents.

Engaging Experiences and Interactive Programs

Discover the exciting experiences and interactive programs offered at 'Question the Space' exhibition.

'Question the Space' offers more than just an exhibition; it provides a range of engaging experiences and interactive programs for visitors to participate in. From artist talks to workshops, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Get Creative with the Guerrilla Girls

Join the renowned activist artists, Guerrilla Girls, in a workshop titled 'Creative Complaining.' Explore the power of art as a tool for social change and learn how to express your thoughts and opinions creatively.

Explore Identity with Ross Coulter

Delve into the 'Identity Project' workshop with artist Ross Coulter. Reflect on your own identity and explore how art can shape and influence our sense of self.

Play with Clay at Kenny Pittock's Picnic

Unleash your creativity in the 'Clay Picnic Play' workshop led by ceramicist Kenny Pittock. Discover the joy of working with clay and create your own unique piece of art.

See the World Through STUNglasses

Experience the world in a new light with artist Rachel Burke's 'STUNglasses' workshop. Explore the intersection of fashion and art as you create your own unique pair of sunglasses.

Unleash Your Inner Hero with TextaQueen

Join artist TextaQueen in the 'We Don't Need Another Hero' workshop and explore the concept of heroism through art. Discover how art can empower and inspire change.

These interactive programs offer visitors the opportunity to engage with the artists, learn new skills, and deepen their understanding of the artworks on display.

Plan Your Visit to 'Question the Space'

Discover the details and important dates for visiting 'Question the Space' exhibition.

'Question the Space' exhibition will be held at the Walker Street Gallery and surrounding areas in the City of Greater Dandenong, Victoria. The exhibition runs from November 21, 2023, to March 1, 2024.

The opening event will take place on November 25, 2023, from 2pm to 4pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to be among the first to experience the thought-provoking artworks and engage with the artists.

For more information about the exhibition and to book programs and events, visit the official Greater Dandenong - Question the Space website.

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