Raising Awareness: Art Contest to Combat Invasive Species

Discover how you can make a difference in combating the spread of invasive species through art. The Washington Invasive Species Council and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are excited to announce an art contest for school-age students. By participating, you can help raise awareness about the economic and environmental damage caused by invasive species. Read on to learn more about this unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and contribute to the protection of Washington's land and water.

Understanding Invasive Species

Learn about the impact of invasive species on Washington's ecosystems

Invasive species pose a significant threat to Washington's ecosystems, causing economic and environmental damage. These non-native plants, animals, and organisms outcompete native species, disrupt natural habitats, and can cost millions of dollars to control. By understanding the impact of invasive species, we can take steps to protect our environment.

One example of an invasive species is the quagga and zebra mussels, which can clog water pipes, impact water quality, and harm native aquatic life. Another example is the African clawed frog, known for its voracious appetite and ability to outcompete native amphibians.

By participating in the art contest, you can help raise awareness about the threats posed by invasive species and inspire others to take action.

Art Contest for a Cause

Unleash your creativity and make a difference in the fight against invasive species

The art contest organized by the Washington Invasive Species Council and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife provides a unique platform for students to showcase their artistic talents while spreading awareness about invasive species.

Whether you prefer photography, illustrations, cartoons, or digital paintings, there's a medium for everyone to express their creativity. Your artwork will serve as a powerful tool to educate others about the impact of invasive species and the importance of prevention.

Not only will the winners receive exciting prizes, but their artwork will also be displayed at various events and check stations, reaching a wide audience and making a lasting impact.

Divisions and Prizes

Discover the different divisions and exciting prizes up for grabs

The art contest is divided into three divisions based on grade levels: grade school (kindergarten through fifth grade), middle school (sixth through eighth grade), and high school (ninth through twelfth grade).

Within each division, three winners will be selected. The first-place winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a poster print of their artwork. The second-place winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, and the third-place winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

By participating in the contest, you not only have a chance to win exciting prizes but also contribute to the collective effort of raising awareness about invasive species.

Taking Action Against Invasive Species

Learn how you can make a difference in preventing the spread of invasive species

Preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species is a collective responsibility. There are simple actions that each one of us can take to make a difference:

1. Responsible Pet Ownership:

Do not release unwanted pets into the environment. Releasing non-native species can have devastating consequences for local ecosystems.

2. Landscaping Awareness:

Be aware of the plants in your yard. Some ornamental plants can become invasive and outcompete native species. Choose native plants that support local biodiversity.

3. Clean, Drain, and Dry:

If you engage in recreational activities near water bodies, ensure that your boat and fishing equipment are cleaned, drained, and dry before moving to another water body. This helps prevent the unintentional spread of invasive species.

By incorporating these simple actions into our daily lives, we can protect Washington's land and water from the harmful effects of invasive species.

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