Reclaim Inspiration: Exploring the Transformative Power of Installation Art

Mozilla's Reclaim the Internet event in Berlin invites visitors to explore a digital future where expression, inspiration, and wonder are reclaimed. One of the captivating installations, Reclaim Inspiration, created by artists Wolf Moritz Cramer and Pavel der Schleifer, embodies the vision of a free and open web while showcasing the internet's potential as a catalyst for human creativity and innovation.

The Impulse Cloud: Sparking Inspiration in a Digital World

Explore the first section of the Reclaim Inspiration installation, the Impulse Cloud, and discover how it represents the internet as a place of constant information streams.

The Impulse Cloud, a captivating part of the Reclaim Inspiration installation, serves as a representation of the internet's constant flow of information. Composed of 1,441 strips of paper, influenced by the positions of the world's largest internet nodes, this abstract installation immerses visitors in a vibrant display of colors and ideas.

As visitors move through the Impulse Cloud, they are greeted by spontaneous sparks of inspiration in the form of printed thoughts. These printouts, continuously updated and refreshed, symbolize the diversity of internet users and their surroundings. Each thought invites visitors to explore new ideas and perspectives, igniting their own creative spark.

Manifesto Impulses: Reflecting the Mission of a Healthy Internet

Delve into the second section of the Reclaim Inspiration installation, the Manifesto Impulses, and discover how it uses mirrors to reflect Mozilla's mission of creating and maintaining a healthy internet for all.

The Manifesto Impulses section of Reclaim Inspiration utilizes 10 mirrors to create a powerful reflection of Mozilla's mission. As visitors navigate through the exhibit, their own reflections merge with the Impulse Cloud, forming a connection that invites everyone to join the movement.

These mirrors serve as a reminder of the importance of a healthy internet ecosystem, where individuals have the power to shape their online experiences. The Manifesto Impulses encourage visitors to reflect on their own role in creating a positive digital environment and inspire them to take action.

The Transformative Power of the Web: Personal Stories

Discover the personal stories of artists Wolf Moritz Cramer and Pavel der Schleifer, and how their experiences with the internet influenced the creation of Reclaim Inspiration.

Both Wolf Moritz Cramer and Pavel der Schleifer credit the internet as a significant source of inspiration throughout their lives. For Pavel der Schleifer, the early days of chat platforms sparked his passion for working in the digital space, describing it as a place where 'there's a bubble for every topic, a community for everything and where you can find an answer to almost any question.'

Similarly, Moritz Cramer's early exposure to computers through his father's adoption of technology shaped his curiosity and led him to explore the possibilities of the internet. He taught himself programming and used his skills to create immersive experiences, combining his passion for architecture with technology.

These personal stories highlight the transformative power of the web and how it has influenced the artists' approach to the Reclaim Inspiration installation. Their experiences demonstrate the endless possibilities and inspiration that the internet offers to individuals around the world.


The Reclaim Inspiration installation at Mozilla's Reclaim the Internet event in Berlin offers a powerful exploration of the transformative power of installation art and the potential of the internet. Through the Impulse Cloud and Manifesto Impulses sections, visitors are invited to reimagine our digital future and consider the importance of a healthy and open web.

By sparking inspiration and reflecting Mozilla's mission, Reclaim Inspiration encourages us to reclaim our online experiences and embrace the endless possibilities of the internet. It serves as a reminder that we all have the power to shape the digital world and create a positive and inspiring online environment.

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