Retaining Heating Contracts: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

In the realm of property services, Liberty has secured two domestic heating contracts with Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC), worth a combined £1.3m per year. This article delves into the details of these contracts, highlighting Liberty's commitment to keeping people safe and warm in their homes. From gas servicing and maintenance to the installation of state-of-the-art boilers, we explore how Liberty is fostering a warmer and more efficient future for the people of Wrexham.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency: Liberty's Heating Contracts

Discover how Liberty has secured heating contracts with WCBC, prioritizing safety and efficiency in homes.

As a property services business, Liberty has established a strong partnership with Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) since 2014. The recent retention of two domestic heating contracts worth £1.3m per year highlights Liberty's commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of heating systems in the borough.

With a four-year contract that started in October 2023, Liberty will be responsible for gas servicing, maintenance, repairs, and the installation of state-of-the-art boilers. Let's delve into the details of these contracts and explore how they contribute to a warmer and more efficient future for the people of Wrexham.

Gas Servicing and Maintenance: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Learn how Liberty's gas servicing and maintenance contract guarantees the safety and efficiency of heating systems.

Under the gas servicing and maintenance contract, Liberty will ensure the safety and efficiency of heating systems in the borough. This includes regular inspections, maintenance, and necessary repairs to keep the systems running optimally.

By prioritizing proper long-term maintenance, Liberty aims to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the residents of Wrexham. With the expertise of their dedicated team, they will address any issues promptly and ensure that the heating systems are functioning at their best.

Installation of State-of-the-Art Boilers: Enhancing Efficiency

Discover how Liberty's installation contract brings more efficient heating systems to Wrexham's domestic properties.

Liberty has also secured a contract for the installation of state-of-the-art boilers in 150 domestic properties. These new boilers will replace the aging systems, providing greater efficiency and helping tenants save money on their heating bills.

With a focus on planned installations, Liberty will ensure that each property receives a high-quality heating system tailored to their specific needs. By embracing the latest technology, they aim to create a more sustainable and cost-effective heating solution for the residents of Wrexham.

Long-Term Partnership with WCBC: Delivering Value for Money

Explore the enduring partnership between Liberty and WCBC, dedicated to delivering great value for money.

The retention of these heating contracts is a testament to the long-standing partnership between Liberty and WCBC. Since 2014, they have worked together to provide property services that meet the needs of the community.

By delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions, Liberty supports WCBC in their commitment to keeping homes warm and reducing costs for their constituents. This partnership ensures that the residents of Wrexham receive the highest quality services while maximizing the value for money.

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