Revitalizing Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts: A Fresh Start for Native Arts

For over 30 years, Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts has been a beacon of Native arts and cultural preservation. Now, under the leadership of Phinney Brown, the organization is embarking on an exciting new chapter. With a capital campaign underway to fund a new headquarters, Crow's Shadow aims to revitalize its legacy and expand its impact. Join us as we explore the journey of this remarkable institute and its mission to foster community pride and preserve the rich traditions of Native arts.

Preserving Cultural Legacy

Discover the importance of preserving Native arts and traditions for future generations.

Native arts hold the essence of a culture, representing the stories, traditions, and heritage of a community. Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts recognizes the significance of preserving this cultural legacy for future generations. By providing a platform for Native artists to showcase their work and passing down traditional art forms through workshops, Crow's Shadow ensures the continuity of Native arts.

Through the lens of art, we can explore the depth and richness of Native cultures. It is through initiatives like Crow's Shadow that we can bridge the gap between generations, fostering a sense of pride and connection to ancestral roots.

Revitalizing the Headquarters

Learn about the capital campaign to fund a new headquarters and the vision for a fresh start.

The current building that houses Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts has a rich history but is no longer able to support the institute's growing needs. Phinney Brown, the executive director, is spearheading a capital campaign to fund a new headquarters that will provide a fresh start for the organization.

The vision for the new headquarters goes beyond just a physical space. It aims to create a vibrant hub for the community, where Native artists and art enthusiasts can come together, exchange ideas, and celebrate the beauty of Native arts. The capital campaign is an opportunity for the community to invest in the future of Crow's Shadow and ensure its continued success.

Expanding Community Engagement

Discover how Crow's Shadow is actively engaging with the wider community to foster inclusivity and pride.

Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts is not just a place for purchasing fine art prints. Phinney Brown is determined to make Crow's Shadow an integral part of the community, promoting inclusivity and cultural exchange.

By actively participating in local events, engaging with organizations like the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, and spreading awareness through town-wide initiatives, Crow's Shadow is breaking down barriers and inviting everyone to be a part of their mission. It is a place where people can come together, learn, and widen their circle of understanding.

A Hub for Native Artists

Explore how Crow's Shadow supports Native artists and provides them with opportunities for growth and recognition.

Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts is a haven for Native artists, providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and exposure to thrive in the art world. The institute's professional printmaking studio, the only one of its kind on a Native American reservation, offers a unique platform for artists to create and showcase their work.

Through residencies, workshops, and collaborations, Crow's Shadow nurtures the artistic journey of Native artists, empowering them to explore their creativity and connect with a broader audience. The institute's commitment to economic development ensures that artists can market their work and sustain their livelihood while preserving their cultural heritage.

A Lasting Impact

Learn about the influence of Crow's Shadow and its collaborations with renowned art institutions.

Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts has garnered recognition and admiration from art collectors and institutions worldwide. Its prints are exhibited and collected by esteemed art institutions, including the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University in Salem.

Through collaborations and biennial exhibitions, Crow's Shadow's reach extends beyond its remote location, bringing Native arts to a global audience. Its impact on the art world and the preservation of Native arts is truly remarkable, solidifying its position as one of the most influential arts institutions in North America.

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