Revitalizing Historic 25th Street: A Walk Towards a More Accessible and Safe City

The City of Waco is embarking on an exciting journey to transform the historic 25th Street into a more adaptable, accessible, and safer city. Join us as we gather the community's voice and ideas to address concerns about accessibility and safety. Discover how the city is conducting a corridor study to identify infrastructure needs and future requirements. Let's explore the neighborhood's history, celebrate its vibrant culture, and shape the future of the 25th Street Corridor together!

Community Engagement: Walking Towards a Better 25th Street

Engaging the community in a collaborative effort to improve the historic 25th Street

Creating a vibrant and inclusive city requires the active participation of its residents. The recent walk organized by Waco Walks, Kimley-Horn, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the City of Waco, and Grassroots Waco brought together community members to voice their opinions and concerns about the historic 25th Street.

By actively involving the community in the decision-making process, the city aims to ensure that the improvements made to the street align with the needs and desires of its residents. This collaborative effort fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the community, as everyone has a stake in creating a more accessible and safe city.

Addressing Accessibility: Enhancing Inclusivity for All

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and implementing improvements

During the walk, residents highlighted the need for improved accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs along the 25th Street corridor. This feedback has been invaluable in identifying areas that require attention and enhancements.

The city is committed to addressing these concerns by incorporating accessible design elements such as ramps, widened sidewalks, and curb cuts. By making these improvements, the city ensures that everyone, regardless of their mobility, can navigate and enjoy the historic 25th Street with ease.

Enhancing Safety: Illuminating the Path Ahead

Improving safety measures through strategic lighting installations

Residents also expressed the need for improved lighting at intersections along the 25th Street corridor. Adequate lighting not only enhances visibility but also promotes a sense of safety and security for pedestrians and motorists.

The city is working on a comprehensive lighting plan that includes the installation of energy-efficient and well-placed streetlights. By strategically illuminating the path ahead, the city aims to create a safer environment for all community members, day and night.

Preserving Heritage: Celebrating Hispanic Culture

Highlighting the rich Hispanic culture through art and murals

The walk provided an opportunity for residents to share their ideas on how to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture that is deeply rooted in the 25th Street community. One suggestion that emerged was the addition of murals on local businesses, showcasing the vibrant art and traditions of the Hispanic community.

By incorporating these artistic expressions, the city not only adds beauty to the street but also preserves and honors the heritage of the community. These murals serve as a visual representation of the diverse cultures that make Waco a unique and inclusive city.

Shaping the Future: Input and Vision

Opportunities for residents to contribute to the 25th Street corridor study

The city is conducting a corridor study to identify infrastructure needs and future requirements for the 25th Street corridor. This study takes into account the input and vision of the residents, ensuring that the community's voice is heard and incorporated into the planning process.

If you want to contribute to the future of the 25th Street corridor, you can provide your input through the link provided. Your ideas and suggestions play a crucial role in shaping the development and revitalization of this historic street.

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