Rwandan Artivism: Empowering Change Through Creativity

In Rwanda, a vibrant art scene is emerging, where artists are harnessing their creativity to address social issues and inspire positive change. From tackling women's empowerment to showcasing the beauty of rural Rwanda, these artists are using their talents to start conversations and empower their communities. Join us as we explore the work of Rwandan artists who are making a difference through their art and driving social change in their home country.

Jemima Kakizi Akimanizanye: Empowering Women Through Art

Discover the inspiring work of Jemima Kakizi Akimanizanye, a leading voice for Rwandan women artists. Explore how she uses her art to tackle social issues and promote women's empowerment.

Jemima Kakizi Akimanizanye is an accomplished artist and curator who is making a significant impact in Rwanda. Through her innovative approach to art, she addresses taboo subjects and social issues within her community, such as women's empowerment, teenage pregnancy, gender-based violence, environmental protection, and mental health.

Akimanizanye's artwork consists of abstract portrait oil paintings, with women at the center of her work. She co-founded the Rwanda Womxn Artists Collective to raise awareness and provide support for women artists, addressing the lack of visibility for women in the arts scene compared to men.

With her Impundu Arts Center, Akimanizanye aims to further promote women artists in Rwanda, creating a platform for their voices to be heard and celebrated.

Alain Gakwaya: Capturing Stories Through Art

Explore the captivating paintings of Alain Gakwaya, a Rwandan artist who uses his art to tell stories of African life and address social issues.

Alain Gakwaya, a Rwandan artist and activist, is known for his custom paintings that depict African life and social justice. With a focus on portraiture, Gakwaya's art captures the essence of everyday life in Africa and addresses important social issues such as human rights, women's rights, and police brutality.

Not only does Gakwaya create his own artworks, but he also gives back to the community by facilitating the next generation of young artists. Through collaborations with art programs, he encourages young artists to explore social issues through their art.

Gakwaya's recent collaboration with Contemporary's MOSAIC Student Artist Program, titled 'With Urgency: Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today,' showcased the power of art to discuss personal and societal narratives of trauma, violence, and everyday life.

Cedric Mizero: Driving Social Change Through Fashion

Discover the multi-talented artist Cedric Mizero and his inclusive vision of fashion that seeks to drive social change in Rwanda.

Cedric Mizero is a self-taught artist who combines fashion, design, spatial installations, performance, photography, and film to create his unique vision of fashion that drives social change. His art collection, 'Fashion for All,' focuses on the people of the rural village where he was raised, promoting inclusivity and rejecting limitations based on age, size, social, or economic status.

Mizero approaches garments as a way to communicate complex social and cultural messages, using fashion as a platform to challenge norms and promote equality. His work celebrates the beauty of African traditions and cultures while blending them with modern elements.

Through his art, Mizero aims to inspire the next generation and create economic opportunities for families. His inclusive vision of fashion is not only visually stunning but also carries a powerful message of social change.

Nyambo MasaMara: Showcasing African Heritage Through Fashion

Explore the fashion brand of Nyambo MasaMara, a Rwandan-born designer who combines African heritage with modern designs.

Nyambo MasaMara, also known as Eli Gold, is a Rwandan-born fashion designer and visual artist who aims to change perspectives and mindsets around African heritage, culture, and traditions. His fashion brand, MasaMara, brings together vibrant African prints and modern designs, honoring the cultural wear of various African tribes.

MasaMara's fashion brand celebrates traditional values while introducing them to today's generation through innovative designs. The brand's garments are locally produced in Cape Town, providing economic opportunities for local communities.

Through his designs, MasaMara promotes social change and aims to instill a sense of pride in African heritage. His fashion brand is a testament to the beauty and innovation of African traditions.

Jacques Nkinzingabo: Capturing the Essence of Modern Rwanda

Discover the captivating photography of Jacques Nkinzingabo, a self-taught photographer who tells the story of modern-day Rwanda through his lens.

Jacques Nkinzingabo is a talented photographer and visual storyteller who is passionate about capturing the beauty of Rwanda and its people. Beyond the trauma of genocide, Nkinzingabo's photography showcases Rwanda's resilience and complexity, highlighting its cultural diversity, memories, migration, identity, and social issues.

Through his documentary-style photography, Nkinzingabo offers a unique perspective on modern Rwanda, going beyond the stereotypes and focusing on the everyday lives of its people. He is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of photographers in Rwanda and has opened the first Photography Gallery and Center in Kigali.

Nkinzingabo's work has gained international recognition, and he continues to shine a spotlight on Rwanda's photography scene while supporting and promoting other talented Rwandan photographers.

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