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Flexible resin scales that change color under UV light, stylish and soothing pain relief patches, and angelic hearing aids - all brought together by Joe George during his time as the artist-in-residence in Cornell Human Ecology's Hybrid Body Lab. Explore the exciting possibilities of technology-involved art and wearable interfaces in this article.

Exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology

Discover Joe George's captivating creations that blend art and technology in the Hybrid Body Lab.

In Cornell Human Ecology's Hybrid Body Lab, artist Joe George embarked on a journey to bridge the worlds of art and technology. Here, he brought together flexible resin scales that change color under UV light, stylish and soothing pain relief patches, and angelic hearing aids. By pushing the boundaries of on-skin interfaces, Joe presented a unique perspective on the fusion of artistry and technology.

Through this exciting collaboration, the Hybrid Body Lab showcases the possibilities of integrating digital technology, fashion design, and body art. By exploring these emerging technologies, the artists and researchers at the lab aim to expand access to on-skin interfaces and pioneer innovative approaches to wearable art.

Creating Functional and Beautiful Innovations

Uncover the transformation of silicone-coated conductive tape into stylish and soothing pain relief patches.

The creative genius of Joe George manifests in the transformation of silicone-coated conductive tape into aesthetically pleasing pain relief patches. These patches not only alleviate pain but also make a bold fashion statement. By combining technology and design, Joe has blurred the line between beauty and function, enabling individuals to experience pain relief in style.

Aesthetic functionality is at the forefront of Joe's innovations. His designs not only provide comfort and alleviate pain, but they do so while adhering to the latest fashion trends. These stylish pain relief patches have the potential to change the way we approach healthcare and personal well-being, uplifting spirits and boosting confidence.

Elevating The Art of Hearing Devices

Unveiling the angelic hearing aids that transcend conventional medical devices.

Joe George ingeniously navigated the realm of hearing devices, transforming them into stunning art pieces. His angelic hearing aids exude elegance and serve a dual purpose, combining form and function in a harmonious composition. By utilizing the canvas of the human body, Joe has reimagined what hearing aids can be.

These extraordinary creations not only serve as medical devices but also make profound statements about embracing individuality and empowering those dealing with hearing impairments. Joe's angelic hearing aids defy conventions and challenge the notion that medical appliances should be reduced to mundane and clinical devices. Each piece acts as a harmonious fusion of art and technology with the potential to revolutionize the perception of assistive technology.


The collaboration between artist Joe George and Cornell Human Ecology's Hybrid Body Lab has showcased the limitless possibilities when art and technology converge. Discovering innovative and functional ways to incorporate digital technology into wearable art has opened new avenues for creative expression.

The Hybrid Body Lab's efforts in designing on-skin interfaces have not only expanded access to emerging technologies but have also challenged traditional views on fashion and healthcare. There is a growing appreciation for the intersection of art and technology, and Joe George's contributions have undoubtedly played a significant role in advancing this field.


Why is the collaboration between art and technology important?

The collaboration between art and technology is essential as it pushes the boundaries of creative expression and innovation. It opens up new possibilities and challenges traditional views, leading to groundbreaking advancements in various industries.

What is the significance of the Hybrid Body Lab's research?

The research conducted at the Hybrid Body Lab is significant as it merges digital technology, fashion design, and body art in a way that redefines wearable interfaces. This research expands access to on-skin interfaces and unites the worlds of fashion, art, and technology.

How does Joe George's work contribute to the field of wearable art?

Joe George's work in the field of wearable art is groundbreaking as he brings together aesthetics and functionality in his creations. His innovative designs prove that wearable art can be both visually striking and serve practical purposes, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of wearable technology.

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